5 of the World‘s Most Kid-Friendly Hotels

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While preparing for a trip abroad with children, you must be not only very responsible choosing the direction of travel, but also the place where you are going to stay too. If the primary goal is to change the family environment, rest from the routine and you are planning to spend most of the time at the hotel, the choice where to stay becomes even more necessary. So, for your attention, today hotel booking specialists from Travel Ticker and we present the world‘s top five hotels that focus on small holidaymakers more than anything!

5 of the World‘s Most Kid-Friendly Hotels

Portixol is a quiet and cozy, Scandinavian-style family owned hotel located in Palma, Majorca. Excellent swimming pools, just 15 minutes away from the airport and a location very close to spectacular coastal promenade are all that you are going to get if you choose this hotel. Moreover - all the necessary equipment for families with very young children, older kids’ game rooms, and an enormous outdoor playground await your little ones as well. What more do you need?
Portixol. From 5 of the World‘s Most Kid-Friendly Hotels

Liss Ard Estate
Although the weather is unpredictable in Ireland, selecting this country and Liss Ard Estate hotel will guarantee you unique family days abroad. Huge lake, woods, well-equipped bike trail rides you can enjoy with the family and, of course, a fabulous children's club that will take care of your little ones from A to Z. This hotel is recommended to visit with kids up to 12 years.
Liss Art Estate. From 5 of the World‘s Most Kid-Friendly Hotels

Ekies All Senses Resort
Greece can also invite your amazing family with children for a perfect holiday too. In this case, you should choose the Chalkidiki and opt to stay at Ekies All Senses Resort. The funny hotel design immediately prompts that children are very welcome here. The fact that the children are welcomed here is shown by all amenities intended for little ones: there is a heated swimming pool, a playground, and a huge playhouse. Children should particularly like nearby a poolside located juice bar and boat tours which are available for guests at this hotel too.
Ekies All Senses Resort. From 5 of the World‘s Most Kid-Friendly Hotels

Borgo Egnazia
In the Apulia, Italy region, you can find a hotel which, according to various travel experts, is one of the best for a holiday with smaller children. How fantastic are children's room decorations alone? Borgo Egnazia has a very active children's animation team, which on a daily basis comes up activities for children of all ages. It is important to note that the hotel offers families an English-speaking nanny service too so that parents can relax alone for a while. 
Borgo Egnazia. From 5 of the World‘s Most Kid-Friendly Hotels

This Croatian island’s Sveti Klement hotel is an absolute family oasis. The hotel covers an area up to 300 hectares, and it has everything you need for a perfect family time in peace and leisure. Botanical garden, two beaches, a lot of holiday homes and villas with kitchens, restaurants, water activities, sports grounds, and plenty of entertainment for children will help you run away from routine and enjoy being with your family for sure. 
Palmizana. From 5 of the World‘s Most Kid-Friendly Hotels