7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

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Do you dream of traveling the world, but constantly lack money? Then this article is for you...we’ve got 7 ways to travel inexpensively. This is not a story about how to choose the cheapest traveling destination, but rather, tips so that your money can stretch, and you can travel more. You will be amazed at how many great places there are to travel on a budget

Let's go!

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Choose alternative accommodation

If you pay more than $150 for a hotel room in the historic city center, the hostel next door will cost you less than $50. The numbers are approximate and depend on the traveling destination, but you get the point.

Another way to save on accommodation is to travel with friends. Search among familiar companions and share the costs equally. When traveling in a group, the cost per traveler is always lower. If you wish, you can organize such a tour; all of you will save money.

How do you like the idea of camping? Camping sites with showers and Wi-Fi are very budget-friendly. At the same time, you will get an unforgettable experience on your journey. Everyone should try to spend the night at a campsite. 

Go camping! From 7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

Book budget flights

Low-cost flights have opened the world to many travelers. Here are a few tips:

● Book tickets in advance, because it is much cheaper than buying close to departure times. It is worth it to spend a little extra to get refundable tickets in case something happens (like Covid-19, or weather). 
● Avoid high seasons. The cost of a flight before a holiday can be astronomical. We always recommend traveling in the shoulder season.
● Learn to travel with hand luggage. Free checked baggage is not provided for low-cost flights. You should not overpay for your suitcase to travel the world. By the way, don’t buy useless things. All these souvenirs for relatives are just dust in their attics. Instead, learn a recipe and cook for them when you get home!
● Food at airports is expensive, so take a snack with you. Our favorite gaming phrase? Pack snacks and make tracks!
● Bring a water bottle. Drinking tap water is available at each airport. But for bottled water, you have to pay dearly. 

Boarding pass in hand, in the airport. From 7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

What to do during long flights

Another feature of low-cost flights is that they can last longer. Think in advance about what to do onboard the plane. You might be finishing something up (clearing your inbox!), or doing something you never have time for in your daily life.

● Read a book that you haven't finished. Or find its audio version on Scribd
● Get some sleep if you can. Bring an inflatable pillow, an eye mask, and headphones. Don't forget to download your favorite music in advance or compile a playlist on Spotify.
● Continue the homework if you’re learning a foreign language, and record the answer for the teacher using a PC screen recorder.
● Work on a project that requires you to turn off all messengers to concentrate.
● Bring a game (or a pack of cards). We are partial to Animal Crossing. 

Reading during a flight. From 7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

Book travel packages

If you book a hotel with a flight through a travel agency, you can save. Often, such packages also include transfers and insurance. Early booking of tours also gives you discounts.
Ask about programs like City PASS in traveling destinations. The names of the programs in different cities differ, but the essence is the same. Tourists are offered package services to visit attractions. In general, the savings reach 50%.

If the purpose of your trip is to sunbathe in the sun, then consider package deals for a beach trip. A travel agency can help choose the best vacation options for your budget.

Try traveling alone

The phrase travel solo sounds like an impossible dream for many people. Brave people who dare to travel like this get a lot of  unexpected bonuses:
● new acquaintances
● deeper immersion in an unfamiliar culture
● valuable life experience

The bonus is that all of your choices are yours alone. Pain au chocolat all day for meals? Check. Street food for a midnight snack? Check. By going with your own flow, you can save a great deal of money and explore as you would like.

7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

The benefits of walking

When traveling the world, you will notice that buses/subways/taxis are quite expensive. If locals can save by buying long-term travel tickets, tourists pay the full price. Try to replace public transport with walking, where possible.

Advantages of walking:
● useful physical activity (get your steps!)
● view of the new city from the inside (unforgettable acquaintances and impressions)
● saving money (which leads to the opportunity to travel more).

Hot tip: Research free walking tours in your traveling destination. Students often volunteer as guides for foreign language practice. You’ll learn SO Much from a local, and discover new places to explore.

7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

Eat at…home?

In their daily lives, most people cook their own food or buy ready meals at the nearest supermarket. Why spend more on food in restaurants when traveling? If you do not change your cooking habits, then you will spend almost no extra money on food while traveling. You’ll need to stay in an accommodation with a kitchen (rental, hostel, etc.). The best part of this is exploring local markets and grocery stores. Be sure to ask for recipes for these regional or new to you ingredients! You’ll not only be making a meal, but will now have an intangible souvenir from your travels (and can keep making it at home!). 

For fans of gastronomic tours, we concur. You’ll learn about local foods, and try some of the best. In many countries, local cuisine is presented as street food. The best cheap eats are waiting for you around the world.

Eat street food! From 7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel

Go on a three-day trip

And last but not least, taking many short trips are better than unfulfilled dreams of one long one. Finding money for a weekend jaunt is much easier than saving for a longer journey. Start close to home, and then see where your next trip takes you.

7 Ways to Spend Less on Travel. Take a road trip!