Education Vacation: Traveling Hawaii And Seeing The Sights

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Learning And Living
Traveling is the ultimate learning opportunity, and the learning aspect  is one of the most pleasurable parts of the journey. A vacation to a new locale will teach you all kinds of things about local culture, customs, and geography; and you’ll retain it much longer than should you memorize it from some book. When you can put your hands on something, it makes a more indelible impression. 
There are those who believe that learning must always be uncomfortable. Well, maybe that’s true for certain lessons in life. For example, if you’re going to pay your taxes, you’re either going to be out a certain sum of money, or try and weasel out of it until reality kicks in and you’re forced to file bankruptcy to avoid jail. Either is uncomfortable, but both are a learning opportunity. 

Education Vacation: Traveling Hawaii And Seeing The Sights

Sometimes, it you don’t spend time learning how to doing something right, you will compromise your ultimate enjoyment. Take SCUBA diving, for example. Once you take time to figure out your Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and all the intricacies that go with it, soon you’ll be swimming with the sea-life and having an otherworldly experience that is entirely new. Unless you’re prone to a sort of eccentric fear of new things, you’ll likely enjoy yourself very much. When you go to Hawaii, you’ll be very glad you took the time to learn the sport thoroughly.

Getting The Lay Of The Land In Hawaii: Pearl Harbor
To that end, if you really want to teach students about something historical like Pearl Harbor, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your class is travel to Hawaii and see the site in person. You’ll get a much better idea of the atmosphere where the attack took place, and the culture that sustained the damage.
You’ll also get an idea of the people then and now through professional tour guides who understand the subject backward and forward, and who can show you how things really looked from the “ground level,” as it were. When you’ve been somewhere, your perspective more accurately reflects the reality than when you’re guessing what life is like there just based on reading about it.
Yes, reading and memorizing facts is still, to a degree, guesswork. If you’ve never seen snow before, reading about it academically might make you feel that you understand it. But until you feel the cold personally, you won’t quite have all the necessary data to form a truly educated opinion.

Education Vacation: Traveling Hawaii And Seeing The Sights
If you’re going to visit Pearl Harbor in Oahu, you might check out, a site that provides a variety of tours hosted by professional tour guides, including, as the site puts it, a “Pearl Harbor and historic Honolulu city tour.” This allows you to get an idea of the known municipality surrounding the region, too.
Once you’re finished with that, there’s no reason not to expand outward to some of the other seven primary islands which make up the Hawaiian archipelago. Try Maui, as an example. For a scenic excursion you might try some of the tours offered at here.

Islands And Volcanoes
Did you know Hawaii is home to hundreds of tiny islands beyond the primary eight most famous in the western world? It’s one of those facts you can read on paper that has a great similarity to some bit of literature concerning snow. But when it comes to Hawaii, the leisure involved in learning will likely be more pleasurable than most snowy climes.
Or why not double down and go on a trip to a 14,000 foot volcano where there’s a ski resort? Yes, that’s in Hawaii! You can discover the snow and archipelago in one fell swoop! Now there’s a learning experience.