Hotels by Day, Meetings by Night

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So it’s finally happened, or perhaps happened again for the thousandth time. You’ve been assigned a task out of town and you need to attend an important meeting. There are a million things that can go wrong and your schedule is already packed.

In the past, you would have to do your best to find a quiet place to work from the road, but now, savvy business day-trippers are taking a smarter route. Renting a hotel room for the day has never been a problem, other than the associated fees. But why get a mediocre room for twenty-four hours when you could get a room at a premium property for the morning or afternoon? If you need a few hours to rest, to revamp a project, or just do some brush up on your talking points before a presentation, a day stay might be just what you need.

hotel meeting rooms can be very useful

The Rise of the Micro Stay

With travel becoming cheaper than ever, more and more people are traveling for business. Increasing numbers of travelers are taking advantage of the notion of a micro stay, and it helps out considerably on both ends. The weary traveler has a place to regroup in the afternoon, and the hotel fills otherwise unusable vacancies. 

It’s no surprise that hotels are happy to rent a room for lower rates, because they are doubling their booking potential and optimizing their scheduling. The hotel accommodates more guests, and you save more money. What’s not to like?

Finding the View

Options like HotelsByDay are innovative travel booking solutions, giving day guests access to the full range of amenities on the property. Guests can check for business travel options like free Wi-Fi, on-site business centers, meeting break-out space to find the hotel that best fits their needs while they’re in town. On the leisure side, guests that want to enjoy a mini daycation can hit the gym, go for a dip in the pool, or dine in with a little room service from a top-rated restaurant.

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One Touch Ordering App

One of the best parts of booking on a platform like HotelsByDay is the ability to do so from your Android or iOS device. The application allows for simple three tap ordering, and once you take advantage of it, you will be able to cancel anytime you wish as long as it is done within twenty-four hours. 

It’s an ideal solution for those with schedules that can change at any minute. That being said, you might have a lot of planning to do, but it shouldn’t all be poured into your hotel reservations. Today, with micro stays becoming more and more prevalent, it has become far easier for one to place a reservation without spending their entire day on the phone, or sifting through thousands of potential hotels. Now you can get what you need, log off, and enjoy your trip. The future of business travel has never looked brighter, so start looking for your perfect hotel for the day.