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Digital Nomad Tips: Spreadsheets Errors Can Easily Cost Your Business a Lot of Money

Company spreadsheet errors are really dangerous for businesses. A minor mistake can lead to huge problems - and the big problem is that this is actually seen as being a normal thing. Companies do not pay close attention to these errors, so a lot of money is lost every single month. High-profile corporate blunders, like that of Enron, now ring alarm bells and business managers actively look for ways to make financial spreadsheets more error-free, but we are still a long way from success.

How to Survive the Days Leading up to Vacation

by Brianna Krueger /
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Mar 05, 2018 / 0 comments

The days leading up to a vacation are torture. Work needs to get done, but the thoughts of a piña colada in your hand, the sun on your face, the smell of salty water, and, of course, not working, are all way more fascinating. It’s not every day one gets a vacation, compared to yet another RFP – your 8th that week. Can’t work get on the same page and go take a hike? I hear it’ll be beautiful from the top!

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Ten Work Tips for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads do what many of us dream and few achieve—they travel the world seekingnew adventures, exciting locales, and cultural experiences, and since they take their work with them, they can continue living this life as long as it feels right. Here are ten work tips for you digital nomads, to help you keep achieving your dreams as long as possible.

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Hotels by Day, Meetings by Night

So it’s finally happened, or perhaps happened again for the thousandth time. You’ve been assigned a task out of town and you need to attend an important meeting. There are a million things that can go wrong and your schedule is already packed.