Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia a Must-Watch

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This spring, Acorn TV proudly premiered the three-part docuseries Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia. In this gorgeously shot new documentary, Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) is on a quest to discover the islands of Australia. There are over 8,000 to choose from, and Martin visits 16 that offer a cross-section of island life. Along the way, he learns about the diversity, history, and challenges of island life Down Under.

In this three-part series, Clunes heads all over Australia and checks out a few of the islands. Did you know that if he went to an island a day, it'd take him over 22 YEARS to visit them all? So, of course, this series focused on only a few - 16 in total. In episode one, Clunes explored Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, and Restoration Island. In episode two, he visited the Murion Islands, Tiwi Islands, and Abrolhos Islands. The last episode features Phillip Island and Maria Island. And while I, too, want to visit many of the islands of Australia, I was intrigued and impressed by the variety of experiences Clunes shares.

Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia a Must-Watch
Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia a Must-Watch

The islands are located all around Australia, from the Indian Ocean to the Coral Sea, from the Pacific to the Bass Strait.

Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia a Must-Watch

Clunes experiences wildlife, deep culture, history, water, music, Tasmanian devils, great food, spooky places, and more. What I love most is his curiosity when talking with Australians he meets - I always learned something, whether it was how to harvest seaweed or how communities stay together. I've always been impressed by the variety of experiences you can have in this large island nation - but I had never thought of all (!!) the smaller islands, and how many deeply interesting cultural things we can learn there. Clunes gives us a glimpse into a whole new world for us to explore - one day at a time.

Highly recommended!

Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia a Must-Watch

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Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia


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Martin Clunes' Islands of Australia a Must-Watch