For the Love of Aussie Wildlife

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All You Need to Know: 15 Australia Travel Tips

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Australia—it’s on everyone’s bucket list…and for good reason! There’s an extraordinary amount of things to see, do, taste, and experience in this remarkable country.
Here are our best Australia Travel Tips…
All You Need to Know: 15 Australia Travel Tips


12 Quirky Places to Discover in and Around Melbourne

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History, animals, tennis, cricket, art, festivals, history, museums, culinary delights, beaches, music, and cafés around every corner...where are you? Why, Melbourne, of course! This city is an incredible place to visit, as there is so much to see and do.

Besides the aforementioned, Melbourne is packed with quirky treats. 

Here are a dozen of our favorites:

5 experiences you should have as a first-time visitor to Sydney

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The idea of being in a new city is exciting. You get to learn new things, interact with new people, and see different ways of life. People travel to have new experiences and create great memories. Australia is known to be a multicultural nation, which means that it has people of different nationalities either visiting or living there.

How To Travel Around Australia

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Australia has a lot to offer its tourists – great weather, beautiful landscapes, super-sized wildlife, and a relaxed lifestyle. If you’re a visitor from oversees, you are most likely to visit the country’s main cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Perth. These cities are the most populated on the continent, and the rest of land, especially in Western Australia, is sparsely populated.

How to explore Australia independently - and on a budget

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Have you always wanted to travel around Australia, but are concerned about the high costs? You’re right to be worried - it is one of the most expensive places to travel, and tours are expensive. BUT! Never fear - we’ve got a slew of budget travel tips for you, so that you can explore Australia on your own terms, on your own schedule, on your own budget. YOU can pick the things you want to see, do, eat, and explore - and have the trip of a lifetime while doing so.

Visiting Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

by Asako Maruoka / Feb 07, 2018 /
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If you haven't wanted to visit Port Douglas before reading this, you surely will after. It's a tropical oasis just north of Cairns, on the northeast coast of Australia. It's the only place in the whole world with two World Heritage sites - the Great Barrier Reef (sigh) and the Daintree Rainforest.

Visiting Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Discovering the Hidden History of Sydney

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One of the most visited cities in the world, Sydney, Australia boasts many landmarks and interesting things to see and do. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to climb atop the Sydney Bridge, or take a ferry to Manly and explore. Be sure to see the Sydney Opera House from a boat - it’s an incredible experience.

Swimming through the sea: Adventures at the Great Barrier Reef

by Gabriel Miller / Oct 09, 2017 /

Nothing, I think, hurts much more than extremely cold water. It is like a thousand little knives hitting your body. And then there’s the bone-aching cold that numbs your body and makes it hurt to move. You do not want to swim in extremely cold water, unless you have a dry suit. Fortunately we were going scuba diving in Northern Australia - in Cairns.

Oo Roo, Uluru: a Trek In the Australian Outback

The Australian saying "see ya later" is often "Oo Roo."