How To Travel Around Australia

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Australia has a lot to offer its tourists – great weather, beautiful landscapes, super-sized wildlife, and a relaxed lifestyle. If you’re a visitor from oversees, you are most likely to visit the country’s main cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Perth. These cities are the most populated on the continent, and the rest of land, especially in Western Australia, is sparsely populated.

Australia’s total area is a huge 7.692 million km² (with a population of 24.13 million people) – the planet’s sixth largest country after Russia, Canada, China, USA, and Brazil – and it takes around 5 hours to fly from east to west. Therefore, if you’re looking to travel around the country, especially across states, you will need to think about your mode of transport as well as your travel intentions.

Australia’s public transport system is efficient and easy to navigate; here are the main modes of transport that will allow you to explore this wondrous country.

How To Travel Around Australia

Travelling by plane

Getting around by plane is a great option for people who want to travel across large expanses of land in short periods of time. It’s especially ideal for travelling around Australia as the popular hot-spots are dotted along different coastlines. 

If you’re crossing states – e.g. flying from Melbourne in Victoria to Sydney in New South Wales, or you’re flying from Brisbane in Queensland to Perth in Western Australia – you can fly for less than 100 AUD. Therefore, backpackers will find this option preferable because of its affordability.

Domestic flights in Australia are reasonably priced, especially if you book in advance. The domestic airlines that connect the major cities include Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Rex and Virgin Australia and Qantas.

Travelling by bus

If you’re backpacking around Australia, you may be less pressured by time and have a smaller budget. If this is the case, bus travel is the most suitable mode of transport for you. 

In Oz, the bus network is vast and the busses themselves are comfortable, efficient, and have air-conditioning and free WIFI.

The national coach company is Greyhound, which is perfect for long-distance journeys along the coast to the next big city or beach, and you can buy flexible tickets.

Travelling by train

If you want to travel around Australia on a scenic route, the train network might be a good option for you. TrainLink is the main service that connects cities in New South Wales such as Sydney and Canberra, and even travels along the coast to Melbourne, Victoria, and Brisbane, Queensland. Queensland Rail covers regional cities in Queensland like Melbourne, and TransWA connects Western Australia’s most populated areas to its capital city Perth. 

There are also opportunities to explore the greatest landscapes of Australia by train: The Ghan is renowned for being one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world, which covers a great expanse of the continent from the northern-most city of Darwin in the Northern Territory to the southern city of Adelaide in South Australia. On The Ghan you ride through the Australia’s Red Center in absolute luxury; it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Travelling by car

Hiring a car is a great option for those who desire ultimate freedom. Whether you’re staying in one city or if you have plans to explore far and wide, the cheapest way to rent is through a reputable hire company.

For an ultimate driving experience, set off along the Great Ocean Road, which spans 243 km between Torquay and Allansford in Victoria.

Travelling by ferry

Travelling by ferry is a necessary mode of transport for those who live in Manly, Sydney, and want to travel to the center of Sydney, for example. Or, there is also the option of getting a longer ferry ride such as the Spirit of Tasmania, which travels from Melbourne in Victoria to the isolated state of Tasmania and takes around 10 hours.


Australia is well-connected and a pleasure to travel around, and you’ll quickly find your favorite mode of transport.

How To Travel Around Australia