No-Cost Travel for Educators During the Summer

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As summer approaches and you have already spent countless hours educating and encouraging your students to do well on essays, etc. (there is a good service which writes essays from scratch), by the way and you might want to let your students in on that, it's now time for the educators to plan their summer trips. Summertime is the perfect time to turn into a 'learner' rather than a 'teacher' and you can do it at no expense to you.

There are numerous travel opportunities that educators can choose from during their summer vacations. There are workshops, fellowships, service travel, and seminars that can offer you learning opportunities that are stimulating and enriching. If you are planning on taking a summer travel trip, do some research to consider your options and begin the application process right away. Invitations are competitive and deadlines are fast approaching.

Travelling all by itself is a rewarding experience, however, when you have a scholarship or grant, as an educator you not only get the chance to explore interesting topics and places, but you can also gain incredible and valuable experiences to bring back to your classroom next fall.

Designing your Summer Trip

There are many ways to get funding for your trip. Fund for Teachers, for instance, is one of the largest providers of funding for educator-enrichment trips. This allows you to take control of your own experience and learning, which can make the most impact on your students.

In 2014 alone, there was around $2 million in grant funds that was provided to over 500 educators nationwide for travelling abroad and domestic learning experiences.

Gain an International Perspective

In order for students to get a global perspective, it's the educators that need to gain one - and that can be done through their own international trips, according to The Teachers for Global Classrooms Program. There are around 80 instructors each year that are chosen for this program, which challenges them to enhance their students' global points of view and transform their classrooms.

The Application Adventure

Apply to take some workshops and opportunities for this summer. Don't be concerned if you don't get an invitation each time you apply. Certain workshops prefer different types of educators (this is usually disclosed on the description). Be sure that you complete your application thoroughly and on time to be considered. You can even apply multiple times to just one workshop until you get an invitation. Keep trying.

While most travel opportunities are unique in their own way, many of the workshops have the same type of application requirements which include:
•    Submitting an essay
•    Submitting a letter of recommendation
•    Your promise you will teach your students what you learn

The process can be intimidating, but don't give up the opportunity for a rewarding learning experience just because you don't feel like jumping through the application loops. It's worth it for both your and your classrooms growth and development.