Why is Lifelong Learning a Vital Tool for Educators?

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Teachers, by the very nature of their job, have an instinct for learning, distilling and sharing information, and they are also the very symbol of a lifelong passion for discovering new things. “The need for imagination, as a sense of truth, and as a feeling of responsibility—these are the three forces which are the very nerve of education,” said Rudolf Steiner, yet when this need is ignited,  it never truly ends.

Global Education: How to Conquer Global Intolerance

by Dacey Loving / Sep 07, 2017 /
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Global Education: How to Conquer Global Intolerance

Inns and B&Bs join retailers with offers for wandering educators during May Teacher Appreciation Month

May is Teacher Appreciation Month, a tradition that dates to 1985 when the NEA declared the first week in May Teacher Appreciation Week. Many inns and B&Bs join retailers and restaurants throughout the country to the tradition of honoring educators to the whole month of May and beyond. From nursery school teacher to college professor, May is a time to say “thank you” to those that dedicate their time and careers to education and learning. 

The Art of Cultivating Global Creativity: The J Rêve Int'l Global Educator Program in Paris

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“It is my honor to create global experiences for educators and artists, and to visit schools worldwide and inspire interest in global awareness for students.” ~ Jacqueline Cofield.  

No-Cost Travel for Educators During the Summer

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As summer approaches and you have already spent countless hours educating and encouraging your students to do well on essays, etc. (there is a good service which writes essays from scratch), by the way and you might want to let your students in on that, it's now time for the educators to plan their summer trips. Summertime is the perfect time to turn into a 'learner' rather than a 'teacher' and you can do it at no expense to you.