Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Vacation Clubs To Join In 2023

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2023 is here, and many are making plans to travel this year. There's no better way than joining Royal Holiday Vacation Club or other best vacation clubs you have researched and weighed their benefits.

Joining a vacation club allows you to interact with like-minded people as you enjoy what the world has to offer each year. More so, it is cheaper than spending money on vacations often and guarantees privacy during your vacation time.

Are you ready to know the best vacation clubs to join in 2023 and beyond? Let's dive straight into this list of the top eight clubs. 

 Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Vacation Clubs To Join In 2023

The Top 8 Vacation Clubs for 2023 

1. Royal Holiday Vacation Club 

As the award-winning vacation club, Royal Holiday Vacation Club is our category's top vacation and timeshare management company. It's known globally for high-quality standards and over 100,000 members from all over the world. 

Having been in business for over 30 years, Royal Holiday Vacation Club knows what members want at the local and international tourism scene. 

Members have over 180 top destinations to choose from in 52 countries. There's a resort for members from the Bahamas, London, and Madrid to Paris. These Royal Holiday Vacation Club destinations are only located in places that make vacationing a moment to remember.

A picture of three people jumping for joy on the beach during their vacation with Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

2. Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Like the Royal Holiday Vacation Club, the Holiday Inn Club is familiar with the vacation scene. Launched in 2008, it has served many people, especially those who travel with families. 

The vacation club has more than 25 resorts in the U.S. that its members can enjoy. One of the resorts is the Florida-based Orange Lake Resort, known for its crazy water park and lazy river.

In each resort you get, irrespective of the location, there are comprehensive services to guarantee comfort. For instance, you'll have unique, fully furnished, and big enough living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Note that your benefits vary based on your membership tier. As a member, you can also use your Holiday Inn timeshare points to stay at a resort you find fantastic.

3. Hyatt Residence Club

This ILG family-owned vacation club is known for its more than 15 resorts and four-tier levels that members enjoy. It also allows for a points-based system and the trading of points internationally. In addition, members have so much flexibility when borrowing or banking.

Hyatt Residence Club offers its members total luxury. Whether you want to spend your vacation on the land, island, or coast, there is an option for you. 

The vacation club has resorts in some of the most popular and luxurious places. The Ka'anapali Beach Resort and some Key West and Maui resorts are among the destinations. Each visit to a destination earns you points you can redeem later on.

4. Hilton Grand Vacations Club

There's something unique about the Hilton Grand Vacations Club. Many people recognize the club for its luxury treatments. Also, you will find resorts associated with the club in top destinations worldwide. 

The club's presence spreads in more than 100 countries. Members that comply with annual fees and dues have over 5800 resorts to choose from during their vacations.
But do you know that members get ownership interest in various resorts the club owns? Your qualification is calculated based on ClubPoints, accumulated from your vacation time and unit size, among other parameters. 

There's also the Hilton Honors program. It comes with excellent perks like discounted air and car rental fees, among other things. 

5. Marriott Vacation Club

The latest news about the Marriott Vacation Club is its acquisition by the ILG family. However, there's more the club has to offer. With more than 3200 resorts in 80 plus countries, members have a chance to enjoy diversity in their vacations. 

Whether you intend to travel to Asia, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, or most parts of the United States, it's possible with this vacation club.

Marriott Vacation Club is among the largest and most comprehensive vacation clubs. From top destinations, loyalty points programs, exceptional rates on discounts, and savings to a well-functioning point-based system, the club guarantees so much satisfaction. The new owner also has other vacation clubs, like the Hyatt Residence Club, under the belt. 

6. Disney Vacation Club

This club offers excellent family-friendly vacation exposure in the United States. Some things that make it appropriate for large families with kids include providing resorts adjacent to theme parks and readily available transport. With over 15 resorts in the U.S. alone, better choices exist. 

Some of these resorts include the Riviera Resort and Aulani Resort & Spa. There are many more options based on what you want, even if it means a tropical beach resort. Membership is point based, and there's so much flexibility in borrowing, and banking, among other benefits.

7. Bluegreen Vacations

Look at Royal Holiday Vacation Club and Bluegreen Vacations for the best outdoor adventure. You'll have a lot to enjoy with those that you love. The top destinations are grouped based on what's offered to make it easier for members to choose what they want. 

However, you can expect world-class exposure. If you love luxury experiences, beaches, the outdoors, and even cabins, there's something for you. As a vacation club that works on points, offers flexibility on payments and gives comprehensive services, it's suitable for active members.

8. Club Wyndham

A vacation club with a travel agency, Club Wyndham, will cross your mind. This is quite extensive and comprehensive. For instance, over 4000 resorts that members can choose to vacation in at different times. Moreso, members have a chance to travel to over 100 countries.

If that's not enough, you can have them plan your vacation. That is from flight bookings and car rentals to places worth visiting. Note that membership is point-based, and you are categorized based on your membership type.

But here's the thing: What do you choose as your preferred vacation club? Check out the Royal Holiday Vacation Club today and make your vacations affordable.