Top 5 Disney Surprises

by Kathryn Blanco / Jun 04, 2014 / 0 comments

For me, one of the most special things about Disney World are the little surprises that can pop up when least expected. Whether it’s a character going out of their way to interact with a little one, a roll of stickers from a friendly cast member, or a sprinkling of pixie dust, it’s the unexpected bits of magic that help to make Disney World truly that – magical. Of course, some surprises are best left, well, surprises. But for the curious who would like to know a few of the hidden features of Disney World, I have a list of five to check out.

Top 5 Disney Surprises

1.     Pay a visit to Castle Couture – there you can watch Aurora’s dress flash from pink to blue and back again as it was at the end of the movie and get a peek at the pink dress Cinderella’s animal friends are working on for her. For an extra magical experience, ask a cast member working there for some pixie dust. They’ll come out with their magic wand, recite the magic words “With just a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, may all your dreams come true,” and sprinkle you with glittering, magical powder.

Top 5 Disney Surprises - including a little pixie dust!


2.    Also in Hollywood Studios, if you’re in line to enjoy the wacky Muppet Vision 3D show, take note of the sign hanging in the office – Key is Under the Mat. Reach over and lift the mat and, lo and behold, you’ll find a key waiting there as promised.

Top 5 Disney Surprises - where's that key?


3.    If you’re feeling nosy, pick up the vintage telephone hanging on the wall of The Chapeau on Main Street, U.S.A., and listen in on the conversation on the party line.

Top 5 Disney Secrets - find the party line!


4.    “Try the Grey Stuff – it’s delicious!” Now that line of the famous song “Be Our Guest,” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has come to life at the Be Our Guest restaurant in New Fantasyland, Disney World. Once the Grey Stuff was only available by request, but it is now on the menu – by itself at dinner and topping a cupcake at lunch. Be sure to check out this special treat!        

Top 5 Disney Secrets - Try the Grey Stuff - it's delicious!


5.   In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, just outside the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, a rope dangles into a fenced off pit. The sign next to it is clearly marked Do Not Pull the Rope. Pull it, and listen to the curses of the disgruntled worker below.

Top 5 Disney Surprises - pull the rope?


Do you have any surprises to add?


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