Studying Abroad in London: A Quick Look Around The Cotswolds

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Thanks for checking out the next blog in my series on traveling outside of London during your time abroad! If you didn’t get a chance to start at the beginning, make sure you read my first post here. Then you can check out my next four trips to Stonehenge, Bath, York, and Oxford before checking out the Cotswolds!  

Once you visit Oxford, I would recommend to continue to the Cotswolds. While it is not as easy to access by train, if you have the chance to drive or go on a tour bus, you’ll be able to easily visit. Similar to our trip, we were on a tour bus and made a quick stop in the Cotswolds. If you get the chance, I would spend at least a day there, if not more. 

Studying Abroad in London: A Quick Look Around The Cotswolds

Quick Look Around

Our tour stopped in Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds. You can check out a few pictures of my time there. There were a lot of cute little restaurants and I absolutely loved the water. I spent most of my time just walking around and exploring. I was pretty bummed that we weren’t there very long. It reminded me a little bit of home since it was more of a small, rural town.

Studying Abroad in London: A Quick Look Around The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds

As mentioned, we stopped in Bourton on the Water, but, if you get the chance, I would do some additional research and explore some of the other areas. The Cotswolds is actually made up of counties, which have numerous towns within the Cotswolds, and they are all different. The next section has some more information to help with research. 

Studying Abroad in London: A Quick Look Around The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds Research 

To help you get started with your research, I would check out the official Visit The Cotswolds website. The website will provide you with a list of towns, places to eat, things to see, and where to stay. This is a great resource to get you started. Another great resource is a blog called The London Toolkit. The blog not only provides tips on getting there, but short blurbs about many of the towns. For example, we visited Bourton on the Water and according to The London Toolkit, “Probably the most popular village in the the Cotswolds, and often referred to as the "Venice of the the Cotswolds" because the River Windrush runs right through the centre. The sparkling water and the attractive low bridges crossing it create a charming scene.” This is spot on and as mentioned, I loved the water. 

Studying Abroad in London: A Quick Look Around The Cotswolds

Things to Think About

In reflecting on my short time there, I wished we would have been able to explore some of the other towns within the Cotswolds. It would have been interesting to see how the towns differed and the unique personality of each one. In a way, it reminds me of rural western Kansas and how there are many towns within Kansas that each have their own personality. Just like Kansas, it is always fascinating to research the history of the area or town. I plan to return to London at some point in the next few years and the Cotswolds is high on my list for other places I want to visit. If you’ve visited the area before, let me know what your favorite town was!  

Studying Abroad in London: A Quick Look Around The Cotswolds

Make sure to check back for my next blog about the North of England. Catch you next time! 



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