Studying Abroad in London: A Stop in York

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Here's the next article in my series on traveling outside of London during your time abroad! If you didn’t get a chance to start at the beginning, make sure you read my first post here. Then you can check out my next two trips to Stonehenge and Bath before diving into York. 

Next up is a trip to York! It is located north of London, about 4 hours by car or a 2 hour train ride. I would highly recommend making it a weekend trip and checking out the other cities in the area. We ended up visiting York and the North of England, but there are several options. We spent a good chunk of a day in York and I truly enjoyed it. This is a great city to wander around in and just explore. 

Studying Abroad in London: A Stop in York


I found York to be a very unique city with plenty to do for everyone, from checking out York Minster to exploring the castle and the Shambles neighborhood. York also holds a (now funny) memory of when we actually arrived. As we were approaching York, several of us had to really use the restroom. So, when we came up on one, we were able to pull over so we could take a quick break. I wish I would have taken a picture, but I about fell over when I had to pay 10 pence. When you approach the bathroom, you end up at a window where you pay to enter. I had to go, so I paid it. That said, the restroom was really clean and well taken care of. It is common in London (and Europe) to have to pay to use public restrooms, so keep that in mind. But, enough bathroom talk!

Studying Abroad in London: A Stop in York


Luckily, the Shambles was a highlight that we were taken to as a part of our tour of York. The Shambles is a neighborhood in York that you may actually recognize once you see it. Looking down the street, the houses look like they are almost touching - and they are almost touching. Someone could reach out the window of one and reach the other house. How crazy! But, on top of that, the history of the neighborhood is fascinating. A long time ago, the neighborhood used to be a district of butchers, which makes sense given the hooks outside of the houses to hang meat on. The neighborhood is also a great area to learn about the architecture and history of the area. As you explore the neighborhood, you’ll find many shops full of various things. Make sure to stop and get some souvenirs! 

The Shambles. From Studying Abroad in London: A Stop in York

York Minster 

Regardless of religion, York Minster is a phenomenal stop while in York. I ended up spending close to 2 hours walking around inside. It is still a working cathedral, so services are held there, if you’d like to attend. But it is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area. The cathedral is huge, and there is a lot to look at, so take your time. I really enjoy looking at cathedrals and learning about their history, so I thought it was a great experience. Click here to learn more about it. 

York Minster. From Studying Abroad in London: A Stop in York
York Minster. From Studying Abroad in London: A Stop in York


Lastly, explore the area. There is so much you can see just by walking around. I didn’t plan on visiting the castle museum, but ended up stumbling upon it and I’m glad I did. You are able to explore the castle and take in so much history, as well as check out some great views. Don’t be afraid to just walk around and discover York. This is how I came across most of the places I found. You could easily spend a whole day or more exploring York. 

Studying Abroad in London: A Stop in York

Things to Think About

When exploring York, take some time to think about how far back the history goes and the fact that it is still around. Given the US celebrates its independence in 1776, many of the places and things you’ll see go several hundred years even further back. Try to imagine what it used to be like living that long ago...

Make sure to check back for my next blog about Oxford. Catch you next time! 


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