Taking a Fashion Tour of Berlin

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Berlin is a fashion city like no other. It produces a myriad of everything from stylish but casual daywear, high tech fabrics, avant-garde designer dresses, and cutting edge work wear. Germany is the richest economy in the EU, and new enthusiasm from its consumers in its major cities reflects this. The fashion business is blooming in Berlin. It's time to go and catch the heady scent of success.

Taking a Fashion Tour of Berlin


Oranienstraße and Bergmannstraße are colourful shopping streets in the coolest area in Berlin. Kreutzberg is an area that is home to punk rockers, a large Turkish community, and Checkpoint Charlie, which is a reminder of the Cold War. The dark side of history mixes with the progressive to produce a unique vibe.

These streets are vibrant neighbourhoods whose eclectic mix of old and new stores sums up Berlin fashion. Wildfremd sells couture from Berlin designers, while Search and Destroy sells skater fashion - and for those wanting inspiration for wedding dresses, then there’s plenty to enjoy here too. 

Taking a Fashion Tour of Berlin

Mauerpark markets

If you adore a bit of vintage, the flea markets at Mauerpark are worth a visit. You'll be visiting history, too, as the park borders used to be part of the Berlin Wall.

Rummage for style treasures amongst independent stalls selling clothes, bags, jewellery, and homewares. You may not find a Mulberry tote, but you might find something unique and special to remind you of your trip to Berlin.

Mauerpark Markets - from Taking a Fashion Tour of Berlin

The Green Fashion Tours

Berlin is a city of contrasts. It is fast moving, dynamic, and excited by the new. On the flipside, it is also the centre of slow fashion, sustainable style, and the upcycling movement. 

The Green Fashion Tours are held regularly in various parts of the city. Take the journey to the hotspots of sustainable design and retail by foot, bike, or public transport. Meet the designers and shop managers at the forefront of this energising fashion revolution.


The premier shopping street in Berlin and where you will find all the luxury stores selling high end designer dresses, menswear, and accessories. There are some elegant and exclusive designers of wedding dresses here.

Kurfürstendamm is a wide boulevard of elegant and impressive buildings, and is Berlin's Champs-Élysées or Fifth Avenue. The big names such as Gucci and Hugo Boss sit side by side with independent boutiques, providing a shopping paradise for those with a little more to spend.

Taking a Fashion Tour of Berlin

Kunstgewerbemuseum-Museum of Decorative Arts

This museum dedicated to the decorative arts should be on the must-see list of any fashion obsessed tourist. It is based in the Kulturforum and, newly reburbished, is ready to show off German style heritage to locals and tourists.

Covering the evolution of style and craftsmanship from the Middle Ages to contemporary designers, this museum has displays of costume and everyday clothes over four floors. Themed tours are offered for those who have specific interests. 


Alexa is Berlin's convenient and store-packed indoor shopping centre. It's where the locals go to pick up an outfit for Saturday night or for a new set of basics. It's not pretty or historical, and weekends are busy, but Alexa is perfect for when you know exactly what you need from brands that you recognise. 

Alexa shopping mall. From Taking a Fashion Tour of Berlin