Top 5 cruises of the world

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In the world market of tourist routes, there is a huge number of sea cruises. Many tourists are at a loss when the time comes to choose the one that they will enjoy most. We have decided to help all who wish to take a trip on a luxury cruise-liner and present a selection of the 5 most popular - and very original - sea cruises.

Top 5 cruises of the world - Alaska is #1!

Do not be surprised, but in the past few years, extreme cruises have become very popular. A cruise to Alaska is a leading one among them. The way to Alaska usually begins in Vancouver. Tours to Alaska offer you a ride on a dog sled, diving in icy water, or ice climbing.

First stop: the ports at Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan that include a huge number of excursions along the coast. You have the opportunity to observe whales and bears, fly in a seaplane, and pan for a bit of real gold! 

Second stop: the rainforest. Perhaps you do not know, but in the southern part of Alaska is the largest jungle in North America. Traveling along the fjords, you have the opportunity to see a huge number of waterfalls on these rocks.

And the last one: the glaciers. This is definitely one of the most exciting things that can be observed in Alaska.

Most cruise passengers enjoy delicious food 24 hours a day, excellent service, excellent evening professional shows, salsa lessons, and meringue. Even travelers accustomed to all-inclusive will be pleasantly surprised with the offerings of Alaskan cruises.

Top 5 cruises of the world - #2, the Mediterranean

The next most popular cruise destination today is cruises to the Mediterranean. Many students from all over the Europe take such tours. The first reason is that they need a break with all the beauty that the Mediterranean can offer. The second reason is that such cruises are relatively affordable. And, finally, these students are from Europe and consequently do not need to go too far to enjoy themselves!

It is also not surprising that the number of those wishing to combine business with pleasure, and at a cost of small cash, is growing every year. The area of the Mediterranean Sea is two and a half million square kilometers! Going on a trip here, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the sea in the midst of the earth. Cruises in the Mediterranean are attractive during every season. Early spring and late fall in this region are dominated by mild weather - about 13 degrees Celsius. The Mediterranean region includes the Balearic Islands in Spain, resort islands of Greece, the island nation of Malta, Italy, Sicily, France, Portugal, and Tunisia.

Top 5 cruises of the world - #3, the Panama Canal

Cruising the Panama Canal is an opportunity to see two completely different worlds, because this masterpiece of engineering art connects the fabulously beautiful Caribbean and the grand Pacific Ocean. However, the transition itself through the channel, whose length is 82 kilometers and the width in some places is up to 16 kilometers, will be a memorable event in your life.
The ports at both ends of the Panama Canal are Cristobal and Colon from the Atlantic, and Balboa and Panama on the Pacific side. These are lovely colonial towns, where it is pleasant to take a walk. In these sea cruises, you will certainly have plenty to learn and explore, especially if you are a the fan of culture and historical sites.

The most memorable places to take pictures:
-Port of Cartagena, which is replete with colonial buildings, shady plazas, churches, and ancient monasteries
-Oranjestad city, with unique architecture reminiscent of the style of Holland - houses, mills, artificial canals - a legacy of the colonial era
-Curacao Island, location of the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere - Mike Emmanuel-Yisrael, and Fort Amsterdam, which is more than 6 centuries old

Lovers of outdoor activities and adventure can indulge themselves in National Parks Carara and Manuel Antonio in the city of Puntarenas (Costa Rica) with horseback riding on the island of Half Moon Cay or a trip to a safari and water park in the city Cabo San Lucas. Some cruise liners also offer helicopter tours where you can see the channel from a bird's-eye view.

This amazing place was influenced by Spanish, French, and Dutch cultures and still retained its own flavor. It's like three different countries in one.

Top 5 cruises of the world - including, a Caribbean cruise

Perhaps a Caribbean cruise is the most popular cruise in the world. Here, you will find gorgeous beaches and dive sites, and experience the unique Caribbean, African, and French culture. The Caribbean islands lie between North and South America, the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Departure to the Caribbean are from the ports of Florida, Havana, or Barbados. Generally, the landing site depends on the direction of the cruise: eastern, western, or southern.

Cruises to the Caribbean are visa-free. This means you do not have to gather this documentation to visit the island states in the Caribbean. Caribbean cruises include visits to not only world-famous tourist islands, but small, and even very tiny uninhabited islands. You can participate in interesting excursions, and visit clubs and restaurants. If you explore uninhabited areas, you can enjoy pristine nature and wild beaches. The Caribbean encompasses more than seven hundred islands; each of them is beautiful in its own way. Unlike other popular tours, Caribbean cruises do not contain long times spent on the deck. That means that the time spent on board is significantly reduced in favor of greater land time.

Top 5 cruises of the world - New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand and Australia are a paradise for photographers. Charming secluded coves, once chosen by the pirates, are now fabulously beautiful modern cities that attract tourists, promising new experiences, adventures, and tastes. An especially popular cruise is to Australia, offering visits to several Australian ports, as well as the most striking islands of Oceania. This is a great option for those traveling with children - these cruises are so popular with families from all over the world. Oceania combines a number of island countries, known for their unique and colorful nature and distinctive local population. Volcanoes, coral islands, scenic mountains, and white beaches - sea cruises from Australia to Oceania will send you on an unforgettable adventure that you will remember all your life, and will strive to repeat again.

In New Zealand, you can visit Rotorua, one favorite tourist destination. Pristine forests, covered with green shrubs and trees, hills between which runs the river, beautiful landscapes, and the clean water of lakes and rivers attract lovers of natural beauty and fishing fans. But the main attraction of this area is the valley of geysers and hot springs. Here you will see the symbol of the country - the kiwi bird.


Take time off and indulge yourself in one of these luxurious and pleasant cruises - and start planning your next one!