Making Memorable Educational Opportunities

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A Film In The Park

Unfortunately, the drive-in movie theater is no longer a primary moviegoing opportunity in the United States. It used to be that you could find such drive-ins across the country, but they’ve been closing down left and right. They’re just not as profitable as they used to be, and there are really only a handful left.

Thankfully, there is a new trend beginning to take their place, and that is the outdoor movie. Sometimes called movies in the park, you can find cities, towns, schools, and colleges hosting such events across the country. And they’re easy enough to host yourself, too.

All you need is a large, flat, pale surface, a projector, and a power source. If you’ve got an extension cord, you’re in really good shape. When you consider that projectors have grown smaller, more compact, and more portable than ever, this solution becomes easier to do than it ever has before.

Educating En Masse With An Outdoor Screen

For educational purposes, an outdoor projection screen can provide a fun activity that is ultimately quite memorable; if you source from organizations like, you can look through a selection of over 40,000 screens and accessories.

Education need not be static. It need not be constrained to a building, an institution, a room, or a locale. Especially as technology has become condensed, it’s now possible to stretch educational opportunities across more and more diverse regions.

When you can show a film in the park, you can share information with entire communities. Additionally, you can charge admission, depending on local regulations. Of course you don’t have to, but if you’re going to set up an outdoor film, put speakers around, and do it right, it may be worth it.

Making Memorable Educational Opportunities: A Film In The Park

Film festivals are quite appealing, especially if they’re conducted outdoors in summer. If you’re going to go to the lengths described here, set up a showing, get the projectors and speakers in order, send out the adverts so the word is spread, charge admission, and truly conduct an event, you might as well get the most out of it you can!

Then there are films which are conducted that have an inherent fan-base. You can use such a film festival to drum up funds, or increase awareness. Perhaps you could have a Star Wars film festival in the park with a projector and some speakers. The money could go to a traveling lecture tour. Or, teach your students outside, and show films that are centered around a region or theme. This can inspire travel, learning, and cultural understanding.

Making Memorable Educational Opportunities: A Film In The Park

Traveling Equipment You Can Entertain Or Teach With

If you have a portable projector, and a portable sound system, you can bring a traveling exhibition with you wherever you go. Additionally, there are applications projectors can help with of this variety which need no film component whatsoever.

A portable projector is ideal for traveling presentations. If you’re an educator giving lectures across the country or world, being able to show clips from documentaries, statistics, graphs, quotes, sources, and other things which elucidate what you’re teaching, will leave a much greater impression.

Get a portable projector, sound system, and a screen. Buy right, you can store it all in one bag that is easily carried over one shoulder. If you’re a traveling educator, these may just represent some of your most effective teaching tools.

Modernity makes it more possible than ever to entertain, educate, and travel. So go to and fro. Travel. See the world. Teach. And do it in an affordable way through modern technology designed specifically for increased effectiveness, portability, and reliability. Look into projector options and see what’s right for you.