Foodie Finds: Best Sushi in Grand Rapids

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It's lunchtime and you're hungry. Let's say you're ready for some Japanese food, but don't feel like heading to a Japanese steakhouse, or getting a sushi pack from the grocery store. Where to go? We've got the place for you in Grand Rapids, Michigan - Fuji Yama Asian Bistro, on Beltline just north of Meijer Gardens. We've been there several times for meals, and it is always, always worth it! Located in the building that previously housed Famous Dave's, it is very clean, has an outdoor patio if you so desire, and the staff are very friendly. The host is prompt and attentive, as are the wait staff. The rooms are a bit dark, and there are noiseless tvs playing in all views (something I wish they'd do away with).


Fuji Yama, Grand Rapids, Michigan


But when to go? Well, if you head there for lunch, you can take advantage of a great deal - all you can eat sushi (and other things) for $15. It's a little known deal that really knocks your socks off.


Best Sushi in Grand Rapids: Fuji Yama


First, I must say that Fuji Yama offers a great array of things to eat. There are the sushi chefs, of course, and some teppanyaki grill tables in another room. The menu features several Asian cuisines, including Chinese and Thai, and, of course, Japanese. There are bento boxes, tempura, noodles, and more. My husband is Mr. Chinese pork and garlic sauce and he loves it here.


Chinese pork and garlic sauce, Fuji Yama

Chinese pork and garlic sauce


Bento, Fuji Yama



Sweet potato tempura, Fuji Yama

Sweet potato tempura


But let's focus on the sushi. When you get the all you can eat, they hand you a sheet of paper and you choose. OH, there is so much to choose from. Soups, noodles, appetizers, main dishes, tempura!, desserts (including green tea ice cream and red bean ice cream!), and an extremely wide variety of sushi.


Best Sushi in Grand Rapids, Fuji Yama


Here's a tip: Ask, when you order, how many are in each order! One order of crab rangoons will include 4 crab rangoons. One order of sushi might include 6-8 pieces of sushi. You won't want to overorder (as I did, the first time I went). Knowledge is power. Said my daughter, who got several orders of crab rangoons. I couldn't get enough of the shrimp tempura, so ordered another one.


Crab Rangoons, Fuji Yama

crab rangoons


Tempura shrimp, Fuji Yama

shrimp tempura


And oh, the delicious power of this sushi. There are both traditional sushi rolls and offerings, and deluxe. Fried rolls, eel sauce, hot tuna sauce - they all make an appearance beside the humble inarizushi and tamago. Yes.


The hard part? CHOOSING! And the too-soon getting full, of course...






Fuji Yama Asian Bistro

1501 East Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 bistro








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