Middle East

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Travelling to the Middle East During Ramadan

If you are thinking of travelling to the Middle East anytime soon, then you will experience what is known as the month of Ramadan for our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, which is a lunar calendar; meaning it rotates annually, and each new month is dependent on the sighting of the moon – meaning a month could last anywhere between 29 and 31 days. 

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Hidden Treasures: The Alleys of the Middle East

If visiting the Middle East, you might want to visit a famous landmark or two -- the Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Karnak perhaps, or the Western Wall and the Umayyad Mosque. But without a doubt, a trip to the Middle East would be incomplete without a stroll down an alley.

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Wonders of the Middle East

Spanning many very different countries, the Middle East is teeming with architectural treasures and cultural delights to stimulate and amaze you when you visit. Also stunning are the landscapes and the beauty of the natural world, from deserts to dunes, seascapes to sunsets, and a shimmering splendor that soothes the soul.