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Read This: 100 Things to Do in Holland, Michigan Before You Die

Have you been to Holland, Michigan yet? A small town located on Michigan's Sunset Coast, Holland was, obviously, settled by Dutch immigrants. The landscape resembles the Netherland (aka Holland), and the settlers brought a rich array of culture, food, and tulips with them. 

Interested in learning more? Of course! I've got a GREAT read to recommend!

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6 Delicious Culinary Day Trips from Amsterdam

The Netherlands is known for many delicious things, such as cheese, stroopwafels, bitterballen, chocolate sprinkles on toast (!!), beer… the list goes on. Food discoveries and inventions in this country include staples such as gin, orange carrots, and cocoa powder. If you’re planning a trip to the Netherlands, and are looking for culinary delights, here are 6 day trips from Amsterdam to satisfy your foodie side.