Through the Eyes of an Educator: Go Explore

by Stacey Ebert / Jun 05, 2017 /
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June. The month where school kids get antsy, educators are doing their best to get it all in, parents are getting stuff ready for camp, and many are planning adventures near and far. It’s a change of season, the shedding of layers, an infusion of vitamin D, and a time when one door closes and another opens. Teachers in the United States are either counting the days or already out enjoying some well-deserved time away from school.

The best book to inspire your kids to try new things

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Do you want to encourage your small travelers to get excited about change and exploration? We've all had those moments when entering into the new was scary. I've got a lovely new children's book to share with you that addresses this feeling - and shows how wonderful accepting and exploring change can be.

The cemetery's blue glow at dusk

On the side of the road leading to the busiest area of my town is an old, sprawling, cemetery. It spreads all along the road, and if you look into the cemetery, you can tell it goes on for thousands of graves

The cemetery's blue glow at dusk