5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece

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Located on the northeast coast of the island of Zante, Greece, Tsilivi offers many things for all kinds of travelers - an excellent beach, a waterpark (Splash Fun), Fantasy mini golf, tavernas galore, shopping, great food, plenty of vineyards and that feel of an old fishing village, mixed with travelers enjoying themselves.

5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece

Tsilivi is only 20 minutes away from Zante Town, but feels like a world of difference. And now is the perfect time to visit Greece, to help support their economy and tourism

5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece

Here are 5 great reasons to visit Tsilivi:

1. Tsilivi boasts a Blue Flag Beach (very clean), and is perfect for families and water lovers. There is plenty of space for beach chairs and umbrellas, pails and sandcastles, restaurants and bars, and water sports. Most of all, this sandy beach has clear waters and excellent swimming. Too busy for you? Head just west to the beaches of Bouka and Tragaki. 

5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece - a blue flag beach!

2. Boat Trips to Blue Caves and Smugglers Cove

The Blue Caves, discovered in 1897, are a set of caves that boast extraordinary hues of blue. 

Smuggler's Cove is accessible only by boat. Here, you can swim in the clear blue waters, look at the shipwreck of a smuggler ship which foundered in 1982, and even swim!

Tip: Take an early tour boat, so that you miss the crowds at midday. 

Shipwreck Cove. From 5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece

Visit the Blue Caves. From 5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece

3. See the Face of Poseidon.

Zante is famous for a cave that has naturally eroded over time to form the face of Poseidon. It is located near Porto Vromi, and you can see it by boat.

Face of Poseidon in a Sea Cave. From 5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece

4. History comes alive!

There are many historical sites to see (of course - you're in Greece!). Some sites not to miss:

Venetian Castle - built in 1480, these ruins have seen much action and prosperity over the years. At Bohali Hill, Zante Town.

Shiza Cross - built after WWII, this cross honors those lost during WWII and the Greek Civil War. 

Viglatsoura - a rocky outpost built to help defend Tsilivi Beach.

Venetian Castle on Zante, Greece. From 5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece

Detail from Venetian Castle

5. Turtles, turtles, turtles.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles are an endangered species, and much has been done to protect them on this island, including a protected National Marine Park Area. You can take a cruise to discover them, heading to nearby islet Turtle Island, where you can also swim and snorkel, and generally be on the lookout for these magnificent sea creatures. 

Loggerhead Sea Turtles - protected in Greece. From 5 Reasons to Visit Tsilivi, Greece



Learn more: http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/greek_islands/ionian_islands/zakynthos



Photos courtesy flickr creative commons: City, Beach, Marina: Rob Wallace; Shipwreck, Blue Caves, Face of Poseidon: Steve N; Venetian Castle: fotogake; Sea turtle: CostanaVarino