Enjoying The Great Outdoors With Elegance

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Planning for a vacation is an exciting time for everyone, whether it’s for one or for a family. For some, it happens once a year, for those lucky ones, it happens more often, either way, thinking where to go and when to go is fun to do. What is not as exciting is the actually planning and getting everything ready, as far as searching for the right location, how to get there, the cost,  or wondering if the hotel or resort will be as nice as it looks on the web. All of this is stressful - after working hard and wanting to relax, the last thing anyone wants is to have a lousy vacation.

For some families, there may be problems when some want to go to a nice resort and relax while the other half wants to experience the outdoors, the woods, mountains, rivers, fishing, getting in tune with nature. What most people fail to realize is enjoying the outdoors does not necessarily mean sleeping in tents with bugs crawling all over the place. Today, one can enjoy the great outdoors without being uncomfortable - and yes, even having Wi-Fi. 

Enjoying The Great Outdoors With Elegance

Bluegreen Vacations is a membership vacation club partnered with Bass Pro Shop, an industry leader in outdoor gear, to create the Outdoor-Traveler. What they wanted to do is introduce exciting vacation packages to those who love the outdoors, offering locations where one can enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, or just relaxing on warm sunny beaches. They offer great getaway adventures at equally amazing destinations which the customers can enjoy at a great value.

They offer several different types of vacations that will fit anyone’s taste, all across the United States to The Bahamas and Aruba. For those who like golfing, there is a great selection of places to visit; beach lovers will have their pick of places to go, as will those who like to take trips with historical sites, lakes, the desert, gaming, winter and summer sports, and yes, the great outdoors.
Outdoor-Traveler has amazing locations for those who want to get close to nature but still have the luxuries they are accustomed to. What they have done is develop three resort areas in the Ozarks of Missouri, such as Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Creek, which was built to compliment the Bass Pro-owned Big Cedar on Table Rock Lake. Next, they have the Cliffs at Long Creek, which is a two-story, 3,500 square foot vacation spot overlooking the glistening waters of the lake. Finally, the newest addition is the Wilderness Club, an ultra-luxurious resort building with custom-built Concierge and Presidential suites for those who love to be surrounded by nature but still want their comfort.

The flexibility of owning points-based vacation ownership will give families the ability to go to over 60 resorts in more than 40 popular locations across the U.S and the Caribbean. They have been doing this since 1966, and continue to improve and add locations to their list - they are the leaders in vacation ownership.

The Outdoor-Traveler has a nice selection of places to visit for those outdoor lovers at a great price with amazing accommodations. This is due to their strong belief that having time to relax and recharge is very important, along with spending time with the family sharing laughs and good times with memories that will linger on. While staying at one of their package trips, at some point there will be a two-hour timeshare sales presentation and tour to introduce those who are not familiar with vacation ownership and the advantages it has, such as flexibility and the freedom and the ability to customize vacations all at affordable prices. It is important to mention: no one is obligated to purchase anything if they choose not to. The presentation is to show all the advantages one could have by being in the Bluegreen Vacation Club, and it also is why the cost for the vacation package and all its first-rate amenities is priced at such a great price for the Outdoor Traveler.

Outdoor offers a great selection of authentic outdoor lodging experiences set in beautiful, scenic backdrops of North America, which they are known for having active and diverse amenities just for those outdoor enthusiasts. They have a great selection of vacation destinations that one can enjoy, places for families, such as Branson, Missouri, the capital of live music and entertainment, or Myrtle Beach, where the beaches are tempting and the golfing is just right. Orlando, Florida is another destination home to amusement parks and great nightlife.

For those who want to visit the countryside, the Shenandoah Crossing in Virginia is the place to go with a sprawling 1,000-acre resort with rolling hills and picturesque pasturelands, while sleeping in a cozy warm cabin-like setting. 

The list is just too long! What is important is to remember the great destinations and accommodations along with affordable prices that will make going on vacations a lot easier. Go online to see all the videos showing people having fun on their vacations - it is not to be missed.