Make a Plan Before Going to Teach Abroad

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Have you ever thought about teaching abroad? Teaching abroad will offer you the opportunity to fuel two of your passions: travel and helping people learn. Get your certificate and start looking for a job, because your students are waiting for you.
But before buying your airplane ticket, make sure you have done your research, and you are sure that this is what you want to do for the next chapter of your life.
Make a Plan Before Going to Teach Abroad

Why do you want to teach abroad?

Many people who want to teach abroad make this choice because they want to experience the lifestyle and culture of a particular country for a certain period of time. The best way to explore the world without getting yourself in debts is to teach. There are many people teaching abroad, but you have to ask yourself if this is the right choice for you
If you aren’t sure, here are some things you should know about teaching abroad: 
• If you do not speak the local language, then it is advisable to check if they know the language you speak, because this is the only way to connect with people. If you are teaching English, then things will get easier, because you can use the language both in the classroom and in your free time. Of course, please learn the language of the country you are headed to – it’s respectful and will ease your time in country.
• Overseas, you will learn what people think about your native country. When you decide to teach abroad, it is advisable to have broad knowledge of your own country, because your students will only ask questions only about your subject, but they will want to find out more about your country. Bone up on your own history!
Make a Plan Before Going to Teach Abroad

Check multiple teaching destinations

If you already have your teaching certification, you know what class you want to teach - now you have to decide upon the destination. It is advisable to check multiple options to be sure that you have chosen the right one for you. Filter the jobs to see if you are qualified for them, because you may want to teach in a certain country, but there may be specific criteria to meet. First decide the continent, and then the country. 
For example, if you want to live and teach in Europe, you can enroll in a program that offers you the possibility to teach in different countries for a short period of time. Make sure that the program you choose is flexible enough to offer you the possibility to travel and explore the country. 
Make a Plan Before Going to Teach Abroad

Do research on the program you choose

When you know exactly what your destination would be, all you have to do is to research the teaching programs available there, because you have to make sure that they suit your preferences. Programs in the same geographic area are not equal in terms of what they offer – and how they work. Research what advantages and drawbacks each one of them has. 
Remember to check the resources you will need to invest in the program, and what they provide. Is it a living wage? What are the work hours? Who will be your students – and fellow teachers? How do they expect you to teach? What options do you have for time off and travel?
Start by reading the program description, but do not stop there - you can continue with doing people search on the coordinators, because you have to make sure that they are reliable people. Do not forget that they will be the ones who will guide you during your stay there.
Make a Plan Before Going to Teach Abroad

Start making travel arrangements

You’re going overseas! Now it’s time to plan your departure. Before booking airplane tickets and accommodations, check the requirements that a particular country has when you come to work there. You will need a passport and visa. You probably already have a passport, but if not, get one fast! Ask your new employer to handle your visa. In case you are not able to find complete information online, you should contact the consulate or embassy to ask them the information you need. 
Make a Plan Before Going to Teach Abroad

Pack your things

The following months will change your life, so be ready for it. This is an exciting moment!
Take your certificate, airplane ticket, and put the things you need in your bag. You’ll have an amazing time – full of ups and downs, excellent learning opportunities, and countless new friends.
What are you waiting for? Let’s go!
Make a Plan Before Going to Teach Abroad