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Why You Need to See Queensrÿche Live

Dynamic on stage, Queensrÿche is a phenomenal band, garnering new fans and pleasing old fans on their latest tour. We saw them this past week in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at 20 Monroe Live. It was a great venue for the bands that played; I personally cannot think of a better place to see a band. We were very close to the stage, right up against the barrier. And even people standing in the back said they could see the electric group. 

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Head to the Beach with Colbie Caillat and her Malibu Sessions Acoustic Tour

If you want to go to the beach, but a) it's fall now, and Lake Michigan is Very Cold; or b) you live far away from sunny climes, then I suggest listening to Colbie Caillat's new Malibu Sessions album. It was recorded over 2 months - get this: at a beach house, on the ocean in California. Yes, I love that, too.