Unique Cosplays at Grand Rapids Comic Con

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This past weekend was the long-awaited annual Grand Rapids Comic Con. Held at Devos Place, a soaring, light-filled conference center, there was plenty of room to wander...and ask people for photos!

Here are some of the most unique cosplays we discovered...

Artist of the Month: Ashlee Forde, Disfusional Studios

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / May 01, 2018 /
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This past fall, while watching the costume contest at Grand Rapids Comic Con, I was weary. I was sitting up front near stage left, so that I could get a glimpse of the incredible costumes as they exited the stage. However, as you know if you have seen a costume contest, they take a while.

Lillie Cosplays: Sharing Cosplay Culture at PechaKucha Kalamazoo

by Lillie Forteau / Apr 30, 2018 /
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On Thursday, April 26th, 2018, I spoke at one of my favorite places, talking about one of my favorite things, in my favorite thing. It was truly amazing - I cannot say that enough. I thank the good amount of sugar in my bloodstream that day for helping me get through it, thank you Canada dry ginger ale. 

Lillie Cosplays: Sharing Cosplay Culture at PechaKucha Kalamazoo

Cosplay is not just-play: One Ghostbuster's Story

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We're back with our favorite Ghostbuster, Anthony Snyder (read our Artist feature on him!). From early interests in Tales from the Crypt, Sam Raimi movies, dark humor, and pop culture with a nerdy twist, he's expanded into a creative, interesting, detailed cosplayer. Whether he's a Ghostbuster (raising money for charity) or Ash from the Evil Dead, Anthony is having fun - with the creativity, people, and events.

Fantastic Literary Cosplays from Grand Rapids Comic Con

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There are many, many creative cosplays at any comic con, and they were extremely impressive. At Grand Rapids Comic Con this weekend, we were surrounded by hundreds of phemenonally artistic costumes and people. But, as you may have guessed from the title, I absolutely loved the literary cosplays people chose.