The New Irish Table: Recipes from Ireland's Top Chefs (and a Salmon Salad Recipe!)

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Jan 31, 2017 / 0 comments

Hungry? I've got a book (and a recipe!) for you. I recently was sent, for review, an Irish cookbook, entitled The New Irish Table: Recipes from Ireland's Top Chefs. Now, our wandering educators will know how much we LOVE Ireland, but if you're new: WE LOVE IRELAND. There's something magical about that island - the land, views, friendly people, deep culture, music, and, of course, great food.

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Here's How to Plan the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams

Ireland - there's a reason why this small island nation is on everyone's travel list. It's gorgeously green, full of history and art and culture, and boasts world-renowned drink (Guinness, looking at you!) and delicious food. There's also the Irish people, known for their hospitality and kindness.

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The Gap of Dunloe, Co Kerry, Ireland

The Gap of Dunloe, Co Kerry, Ireland: in which we have an adventure, involving an early awakening, horses, mountains, rain, a boat ride, extreme rain, and great travel companions.

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Abbey Island, Derrynane Beach, Ring of Kerry, Ireland

It's almost a cliche, those photos of cemeteries and crosses in Ireland. I didn't know, until I  was there, how powerful these spaces are. And, it's like your camera has a mind of its own, and you end up with 500 photos from a single hour spent there, and still have time for quiet reflection and solitude.

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28 Best Bookshops in Dublin

I know you, dear wandering educators. I know you’re always on the lookout for bookshops while you travel (because, well, BOOKS).

All Along the Wild Atlantic Way with Aoife Scott

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Oct 17, 2016 / 0 comments

Aoife Scott's debut album, Carry the Day, shows a songwriter and singer with a voice of distinctive character, an ear for good story, and the ability to bring these together in ways that draw the listener in, and invite repeated listenings.

All Along the Wild Atlantic Way with Aoife Scott

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11 photos that capture the essence of rural Ireland

Green. Cloudy. Ancient.

For me, those 3 adjectives describe rural Ireland and its history. With hidden beaches, impossibly green hills, and plenty of castles, Ireland is definitely one of my favorite travel destinations.

Last Christmas, my family and I explored Ireland. Even though we stayed in the cities of Dublin and Cork, we did a lot sightseeing on the coast and in rural areas, enjoying pub food and fish and chips in between each destination.

Ireland for Foodies

Quick! I say Irish food, you say???

If your mind jumps to the Irish breakfast or maybe fish & chips, I can’t say I blame you. Nor will I shudder at that because both are so. very. good.

Woodview Farmhouse Breakfast. Ireland for Foodies. From Ireland Family Vacations

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#StudyAbroadBecause You Can Make a Country Your Home

Tera Sabatino is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a History major with a concentration in 20th century history and will be starting nursing school in the fall. She notes, "after studying abroad, I caught the travel bug and would love to spend time being a travelling nurse." 

Tera Sabatino: #StudyAbroadBecause You Can Make a Country Your Home

Exploring the Music of Ireland

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Feb 16, 2016 / 0 comments

The music of Ireland: it is a source of connection, a way of celebration, a path for reaching across borders and boundaries. It can be a way of sharing and creating stories, of connecting families and welcoming strangers, remembering absent loved ones, and gaining perspective on present troubles.

Exploring the Music of Ireland