Exploring the Flavors of Cuba with Photographer and Cookbook Author Liza Gershman

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Feb 26, 2018 / 0 comments

Anchoring the string of Caribbean islands that includes Haiti, Puerto Rico, Montserrat, and others, Cuba is home to a cross-section of people – and cuisines. For years, the country has been relatively inaccessible to tourists, especially those from the U.S. And while U.S.-Cuban relations remain tenuous, the easing of travel restrictions have made it possible for visitors to start exploring the island, the largest in the Caribbean, and one distinguished for its natural splendor.

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Andrei Codrescu on Ay, Cuba!

In 1997, writer Andrei Codrescu visited Cuba - and his book, Ay, Cuba!, is a fascinating tale of the journey. While I'd of course read Codrescu's work, and listened to him on NPR, I hadn't heard of this book. How can this be? For although it is almost two decades old, it is still fresh, extremely interesting, and full of cultural insights. And with the recent opening of travel to Cuba, even more important for us to read.