5 Most Beautiful Countries in South America

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For all you travel freaks out there, South America is unquestionably the most beautiful continent on the plant. Home to one of the most picturesque landscapes, unspoiled jungles, and panoramic beaches, South America, should be your next travel destination if you still haven’t visited. 

Colombian Dentists Bite Into Dental Travel Trend

by Rosie Carbo / Jan 22, 2016 /
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On a recent trip to Barranquilla, Colombia, I discovered that dental travel has been a trend for some time.  Dental travel is where travelers choose to vacation outside of the United States and obtain dental services as well. 

We heard about inexpensive dental services in this Latin country through a relative. That’s when my husband decided to plan a trip to have a root canal and denture adjustment done and include a little rest and relaxation.