History Comes Alive at Machu Picchu

by Sandy Bornstein /
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May 13, 2020 / 0 comments

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people throughout the world, it is not possible to predict when it will be safe to travel again. In the meantime, I can take time to reflect on past adventures and recall what I learned at each destination. After visiting Peru, I remain fascinated by the Incas who built Machu Picchu, and by Hiram Bingham III who brought this civilization to the attention of the western world.

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5 Most Beautiful Countries in South America

For all you travel freaks out there, South America is unquestionably the most beautiful continent on the plant. Home to one of the most picturesque landscapes, unspoiled jungles, and panoramic beaches, South America, should be your next travel destination if you still haven’t visited. 

History Comes Alive at the Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cusco

by Sandy Bornstein /
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Aug 19, 2019 / 0 comments

A two-night stay at the Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cusco, in the aftermath of our journey to Machu Picchu, offered an exceptional opportunity to absorb the region’s history. Developers in the 1960s transformed this former 16th-century Spanish seminary, built on top of a grand Inca palace, into a hotel. In 1999, the Orient-Express Hotels (today the Belmond Hotel brand) started restoring the colonial Renaissance architecture. 

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Five Tips for Visiting Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu had been on my Travel Bucket List for a few months. When I finally got the news that I would be studying abroad in Chile (a country that shares a border with Peru), I immediately asked to work extra shifts to pay for the trip there! (I am glad I did because it was not cheap.) The first week of orientation, while we had some time to discuss and plan future trips, everyone in our group unanimously wanted to go to MP. The following weeks were pages in a photo album.

In the Land of the Living River: Arrival in Peru

by ChristaD / Jul 03, 2015 / 0 comments

A Note from ChristaD, Education and the Rainforest Editor:  
This post was written by Kailini C., a high school student from the Gunston School in Maryland.  Kailani is a participant in the 2015 Amazon Workshops Student Field Reporter Project which enlisted the help of several students to share their 2015 Amazon experiences with us. Over the coming months, the Education and the Rainforest posts will feature Kailani's words, photos, and reflections – giving you a student's perspective on travel to the Amazon and its educational impact!