Through the Eyes of an Educator: What’s Not in the Books

by Stacey Ebert / Feb 03, 2020 /
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We’ve been rolling in 2020 for a month now, and it’s been quite a tough–at times it feels like we’ve experienced an entire year in one month. Bushfires in Australia are taking their toll, the US government is in the middle of an embattled impeachment trial, a new virus is plowing through China, and in a tragic accident, the world lost a legend beyond the court of basketball; this year is off to a difficult beginning. Each of these will surely see their spots in the history books. Each has earned their place in water cooler conversation, shed tears, and the annals of anxiety.

Geography of Hope: Music of Immigration and Refugees

by Kerry Dexter / Oct 17, 2017 /
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Autumn comes with harvest time, with gathering in, with thinking of home and sharing. There are people who may not be doing that this season. There are -- through the past and in the present time -- people who are immigrants or refugees by circumstances they control and ones they don't. Perhaps you know some of these people; perhaps immigration stories are embedded in your family history. Maybe not -- maybe you've seen images or read history books.

Double Acts of Kindness

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There’s nothing that enhances a travel experience more than being the recipient or the initiator of a random act of kindness. It’s what we hold onto most dearly when we reflect on our visits to foreign lands, long after the memories of sculptures and monuments fade. In my years of world travel, I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of many unexpected displays of good will—by a local resident, perhaps, who offers to walk with me to my destination. I love returning the favor, whether I’m traveling abroad or I’m at home in Los Angeles.