Women’s Human Right to Education in Afghanistan

by Olivia Fraser / Oct 01, 2021 /
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On 30th August 2021, the US military departed from Afghanistan, ending a 20-year occupation, which led to the ongoing Taliban takeover. As the current events in Kabul continue to unfold, the reality of the impact of women’s human rights in Afghanistan becomes more of a threat as each day passes. 

Women’s Human Right to Education in Afghanistan

Artist of the Month: Amanda Sandlin

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Dec 02, 2017 /
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It was the headline that drew me in: "One artist's quest to capture her travels led to these stunning portraits of wild women." 

#atwildwoman art by Amanda Sandlin. Read our interview with her!

Girls Who Travel

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Need a great summer read? I’ve got a great anytime read for you, dear wanderers. Girls Who Travel, a novel by Nicole Trilivas, landed in my hands last week. Let me tell you from experience: don’t start reading this book at 11pm. Because pretty soon it’ll be the early hours of the morning, and birds will be chirping, and coffee never looked so good, but you’ll be imagining drinking it in London, not stumbling to in your kitchen. But the good news is that your reading wanderlust will be supremely satisfied.