Supernova: The Book We All Need Right Now

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Patricia Leavy has done it again, with a stunning fourth novel in her Tess Lee series, following the books Shooting StarsTwinkle, and Constellations. Supernova is a gorgeous, nuanced book, full of heart and healing and the joys and challenges of living a full, honest, loving life. Again, Leavy brings us a whole range of characters that we're so happy to catch up with. 

Constellations: Patricia Leavy's Second Must-Read Book This Year

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This is a popular refrain about author Patricia Leavy: She's done it again!

Read This: Why Shooting Stars is One of the Most Important Books You’ll Ever Read

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One of our favorite writers, Patricia Leavy, is back with a novel that is one of the most important books you’ll ever read. Shooting Stars is one of those books that, once you start, you cannot put down (yes, 4am bedtime, but happy!). 

Write This: Author Patricia Leavy on Setting, Inspiration, and Teaching in her New Novel, Film

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One of my favorite authors, Patricia Leavy, has done it again. With her new novel, Film, she covers a lot of ground: following your dreams, the magic of serendipity, the importance of friends, and the importance of pop culture in life, as well as in teaching (!!).
I loved this book for so many reasons; let me just say: READ IT.

Girls Who Travel

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Need a great summer read? I’ve got a great anytime read for you, dear wanderers. Girls Who Travel, a novel by Nicole Trilivas, landed in my hands last week. Let me tell you from experience: don’t start reading this book at 11pm. Because pretty soon it’ll be the early hours of the morning, and birds will be chirping, and coffee never looked so good, but you’ll be imagining drinking it in London, not stumbling to in your kitchen. But the good news is that your reading wanderlust will be supremely satisfied.