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Foodie Finds: Best Places To Eat Around The World


Foodie Finds is our unique series of Best Places to Eat in different cities around the world.


It arose from my love of great food in Seattle - I couldn't stop writing about the great food we'd eaten there! I expanded it to Minneapolis, and then St. Paul - also great food cities, with a plethora of fantastic food options!


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Close Encounters of the Fowl Kind: A Zany Slice of Italy


After a few days spent with my in-laws in Abruzzo, we’re ready to make the trek back home to Tuscany.

Over morning coffee, David says, “My parents have a gift for us: two hens, their best ones!”

The three of them anxiously watch my response.

“Now you can have fresh eggs every day!” Maria happily says.

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#StudyAbroadBecause no one ever regretted it


Brooke Roberts has captured attention with her audacious personality, get things done attitude, and no-nonsense approach to career, entrepreneurship, yoga, travel, and life. After building a successful career in international education, Brooke became one of the youngest female executives in the youth travel industry tripling the Go Abroad team, reach, and revenue in just three years.

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What it’s like Visiting a Beach Town in Winter

‘Pointless’ might be something you would expect when I tell you what it’s like to visit a beach town in winter. When a town makes its living during the summer months of tourists visiting its sandy beaches and Lake Huron shores, it’s easy to pretend that the town doesn’t exist in the winter months.


Walking Sydney: North Bondi to South Head


When I was but a nipper, my folks couldn’t afford to buy me a bike. (No, I am not one of the four Yorkshiremen, this is not a tale of whose poverty is the greatest, wins a-la M Python!).

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#StudyAbroadBecause it opens your world


Loretta Agyemang graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in December 2014 with degrees in Economics and Political Science and certificates in Global, Latin American, and African Studies. Her experience as a Ghanaian-American immigrant shaped her academic interests of uniting language learning with the social sciences.

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