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Discovering An Ancient Food and Appreciating the Native Roots of A Local Sweetener


In the span of just a few months in 2013, I discovered a new food and gained appreciation for a local food I’d been taking for granted.

Australia: In reach of a Beach


There are over 11,000 ‘beaches’ in Australia - that is approximately 2,000 Aussies per beach but if you weed out the ones that don’t swim, those who don’t like sand, those for whom it is too hot, or those for whom the water is too cold, and those who can’t be bothered, why there is a bloody good chance that if you turn up early in the morning, you

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Eating Around the World Game

Canada. Columbia. China. Costa Rica. Dominican Republic. England. There is a world of flavor just waiting to be discovered. Now how to convince your kids to give it a try? Here’s an idea – make it a game.


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The Last Burrah Sahibs


Have you ever wanted to time travel? If you’re not Dr. Who, then you have to rely on books, media, and your imagination. I’ve always been fascinated by life in other countries, at different periods of time. One such time that catches my eye is British Colonial life in India in the 1960s.

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Rethink Charity: What I learned from Tibetan Kids


I traveled to Tibet last summer for almost two weeks. While I was mesmerized by the heaven-like nature there, I was more intrigued by the living conditions Tibetans suffer, especially the children.


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Women of Ireland: Music

In the spring of the year,  it is a time to think about Ireland, as celebrations of Saint Bridgid’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day appear on the calendar. It is also a time when the contributions of women to present day events and to history are marked.


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