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Ichabod Crane’s Halloween Candy Cookies

When I mentioned the Legend of Sleepy Hollow to my children, I was greeted with blank stares.
“Sleepy what?” my 11 year-old asked.


Things I Leave In My Car


The contents of a Subaru in North Carolina. The car is rather messy and is owned by someone who likes to take long drives.


Things I leave in my car


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Unravelling From the Inside


Have you ever held in your hands writing so precious, so compelling and informative and honest, that you actually feel the weight of truth? It's rare, it's treasured, and you feel honored to read it. Such is the case with a new zine called Unravelling From the Inside.

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Music for Autumn: A Season of Telling Stories

Autumn is a season of harvest, of celebration, of gathering of family, friends, and community, of shorter days and longer nights. A season of telling stories in company, of reflecting in solitude. A season of change. There is music to go along with all this...


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Volunteering in Guatemala: A Life-changing Experience


I looked down on her. Was there any other way to say it? I’m sure that’s how she saw me. Physically, there was no way around it. The top of her head came to my waist, her height the result of a lifetime of poor nutrition. Economically, I, a teen American, would be given more in life than she ever had. I was finishing high school with excellent grades and a good shot at college.

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Shut up and Sit Back


This is what happened to me yesterday on the bus.

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