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Give Thanks for Diversity

This week marks the 15th anniversary of International Education Week. It is a time to celebrate international exchange, and promote cross-cultural understanding on a global scale. As more American students engage in study abroad trips, and foreign students continue seeking educational opportunities here in the U.S., our world is becoming more interconnected than ever before.

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What is Meditation?


What is Meditation?

Good question! Do you know, most people don’t! Read on to find out.

In the simplest way: meditation is focusing on now. Not yesterday or tomorrow, not even a second ago. One could say it is an art of concentration and relaxation that can be easy to do, but hard to master.

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Perks of Being an Overpacker

You call me an overpacker like it’s a bad thing, like it’s really so horrible that I brought 5 outfits for a 2 day trip. Perhaps it’s the optimist in me that prefers to see the good in things, because I see plenty of good in being an overpacker that translates into real life perks.



The Ocean Enlightens Me


The tide enchants me with its consistency. The creatures fill my heart, and the unknown drives me. With each beat of the ocean’s heart, it sends waves rising up, crashing on the shore, or slowly stretching up to gently kiss the sand.


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Ichabod Crane’s Halloween Candy Cookies

When I mentioned the Legend of Sleepy Hollow to my children, I was greeted with blank stares.
“Sleepy what?” my 11 year-old asked.


Things I Leave In My Car


The contents of a Subaru in North Carolina. The car is rather messy and is owned by someone who likes to take long drives.


Things I leave in my car


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