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#StudyAbroadBecause it opens your world


Loretta Agyemang graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in December 2014 with degrees in Economics and Political Science and certificates in Global, Latin American, and African Studies. Her experience as a Ghanaian-American immigrant shaped her academic interests of uniting language learning with the social sciences.

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#StudyAbroadBecause you deserve to have your life changed


Kaytlin Nowell is a student at Mississippi State University majoring in Communications with a minor in International Studies. As a media student, she loves writing, researching, and studying communication practices in public relations and journalism. Her passion for communications was intensified after her time in London for study abroad.

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Spring Means Spanish Paella in Alamo City


The flag of Spain flew over Texas once again recently at the Sixth Annual Corona Paella Challenge. The tribute to Spain’s national dish attracted more than 2,000 paella lovers and united award-winning, celebrity chefs and high school culinary arts students in a delectable competition.


From Cardboard Box to Notre Dame Cathedral


It is so funny how over time we grow and our minds tend to change. However, there are some passions that never leave our heads, those reoccurring dreams that we want so much to be a reality.

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Chalkboard Heroes: 12 Courageous Teachers and Their Deeds of Valor


You know what I love? Stories of awesome people. They inspire, teach, and lead by example. Such is the case with Chalkboard Heroes, a marvelous new book by Terry Lee Marzell.

The Blood Red Glaring Eyes


When I walked into view - and saw the square - the centre of Marrakesh - I knew at once how much I was going to love it. I walked further in and listened to the crowd cheering the dancing snakes. They hissed and glared and slithered along, showing off their beautiful scaly tales. They showed off their shining fangs, which reminded me of pure white snow.


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