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Find articles and recommendations on the top 10 lists for travel, from our community of traveling educators

Ten Tips for Surviving Group Travel in Disney

I’ve recently been traveling with a school group performing in Disney World and experienced the good and the bad of traveling with a large group. But whether it’s a school group, friend group, or family reunion, there are some important things to remember that will keep things fun for everyone involved.


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London Top 10 List: The Study Abroad Way

Experience the top 10 things to do in London while studying abroad.

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One-of-A-Kind Experience: Hangaroa Ecovillage Hotel on Easter Island, Chile


One of the most remote places you can visit on Earth is also one of the most mysterious: Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui in the native language. Dubbed Easter Island when the first Europeans landed here on Easter Day 1722, the island is the most isolated inhabited place on earth – farther from the next piece of land than any other settled place on our planet.

10 Things You’ll Learn as a First-Time Traveler to China


10 Things You’ll Learn as a First-Time Traveler to China


10 Things You’ll Learn as a First-Time Traveler to China



Top 10 Free Disney Souvenirs


While there’s no denying that Disney vacations are magical experiences, they’re also pricey ones. Between tickets, hotel stays, transportation, and food, a single trip can quickly get out of hand – and out of budget – for many visitors to the parks. Purchasing souvenirs in addition to the necessities can be overwhelming.

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Ten Things to Do in Tobago

One of the many reasons travelers head to Tobago is that it is much less developed than its neighbors. What does this mean? Unspoiled beaches, warm hospitality, and plenty of things to do – without the crowds.


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