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Find articles and reviews on restaurants around the world, from a community of traveling educators.
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Foodie Finds: Best Places To Eat Around The World


Foodie Finds is our unique series of Best Places to Eat in different cities around the world.


It arose from my love of great food in Seattle - I couldn't stop writing about the great food we'd eaten there! I expanded it to Minneapolis, and then St. Paul - also great food cities, with a plethora of fantastic food options!


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Foodie Finds: Chequers of Saugatuck


Located on an alleyway a block before the main drag in Saugatuck is a portal to the UK. What is this portal, you ask? None other than long-time local favorite Chequers. It's a British pub that takes you straight to England.


Top 8 Food Spots in NYC, Williamsburg


I lived in Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, for 9 years of my life, and the hardest part about moving out of the neighborhood was missing the food. Each of these restaurants hold a special place in my heart, as I grew up in each one in some capacity.

Raising Adventurous Eaters: A Lesson from Fusion Food

Fusion has become passé in foodie circles – but I’d argue that you should hang on to this idea at your dinner table. Fusing foods is one of the best ways to get kids to try new foods.

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A Taste of Old Shanghai


Context, organiser of critically acclaimed walking tours, expands its program in Shanghai with A Taste of Old Shanghai - a new annotated meal that offers visitors and locals alike the chance to understand more about classical Shanghai cuisine.

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Foodie Finds Dallas: El Rey del Grill

One of the number one foods visitors to Texas want to sample is Tex-Mex, even if they don't really know what it is. The simple explanation: Tex-Mex is a combination of the flavors and foods of Mexico and America. It's hard to share a border with another country and not share aspects of your culture. Tex-Mex is a perfect example of the blending of these two cultures.


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