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Profiles in International Education: A Compendium

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We've been lucky enough to interview many international educators here on Wandering Educators, for our series entitled Profiles in International Education.


Here's a compendium of our profiles, in the order in which they appeared:


David Comp -  the author of two excellent international education blogs, International Higher Education Consulting Blog and International Education Blogs & News. He's finishing his PhD in international education, and working in international education at the University of Chicago.


Jim Buschman - Through his work at several different universities, Jim has helped countless numbers of students study abroad. He's currently in Berlin, directing NYU's Berlin Program.


Brian Whalen -  Brian co-founded Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, and has been instrumental in working with the Forum on Education Abroad. He is Dean, Associate Professor of International Studies and Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Office of Global Education at Dickinson College.


Cynthia Engel - Cyn is working to promote international education, sharing her love of intercultural learning with students, and still traveling the world. Now, Cynthia works as the Europe and Oceania Regional Director of IE3 Global Internships, at the Oregon University System.


Margarita Gokun Silver - Margarita works in the field of Expat and cross-cultural training. She runs the Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Academy, and also the Global Coach Center, which provides resources for cross-cultural training, coaching, and expat life.


Jeramy Johnson - Jeramy is Vice President of Development at API - Academic Programs International. He's an expert at developing programs and initiatives in study abroad, and coordinates API's incredible online presence.


Christopher J. Johnstone -  Chris is the Director of International Initiatives and Relations, College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. He's changing the face of international education at the University of Minnesota, and around the world.


Karen Smith Rotabi -  Karen is Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. Her work in the Peace Corps spurred her interest in intercountry adoption, human rights, Guatemalan culture and history, and international education.


Lisa Niver Rajna - Lisa is our Geography Awareness Editor, a world traveler, and a science teacher in Los Angeles, California. I'm impressed with the work that Lisa does with her students -
exploring the world, and the people in it. She's the publisher of two
websites that combine her love of travel and teaching science - We Said
Go Travel, and Science Isn't Scary. 









Great introduction!

Thanks for the so useful introduction of that many names, I only can learn and take an example of. Education abroad is what I really want to do and coming across so many different and successful stories about it is really a great inspiration for me!


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