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STA offers $30 fares to London and Paris, 5.20.09

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$30 Round-Trip Airfare to London and Paris from STA Travel On May 20, $30 RT Fares to London and Paris While Supplies Last

05.15.2009 – In continued celebration of its 30th Anniversary, STA Travel is offering travelers the chance to scoop up $30 round-trip airfares to London or Paris on May 20, while supplies last.

On Wednesday, May 20, STA Travel will offer $30 round-trip tickets, including taxes and fees, to either London or Paris while supplies last to customers who visit their local STA Travel branch or call 800-360-9273. The discounted tickets are only available on departures from New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle to London or Paris.

The tickets are available to any person who is under the age of 26 and/or is a currently enrolled student or teacher. A valid ISIC/IYTC/ITIC identity card is required to purchase a ticket and is available for $22 if the traveler doesn't currently have one.

This sale pricing is valid only while supplies last on tickets sold to either London or Paris on Virgin Atlantic or American Airlines and the ticket purchased is non-refundable and not amendable. Only one ticket may be purchased per person at the sale price and the ticket must be paid in full at the time of booking.


STA also offers plenty of

STA also offers plenty of great deals for students to Australia - how about $990 New York to Sydney? :)

The best deal is with JetBlue, though. One month unlimited travel within America for just $600!




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Incredible Deal

I'm sure we will have a lot of students, who are members of this website, take advantage of this. 

Ed Forteau


I'll be on the phone at midnight

This would be a great deal! I don't see much info on the STA site though.  Is it advertised somewhere else?

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