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#StudyAbroadBecause it will be one of the most transformative and enlightening experiences you will ever have

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David Wienir is the author of Amsterdam Exposed: An American’s Journey into the Red Light District, released in May 2018 with De Wallen Press in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats. David is a business affairs executive at United Talent Agency and entertainment law instructor at UCLA Extension. Before UTA, he practiced law at two of the top entertainment law firms where he represented clients such as Steven Spielberg and Madonna.

Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

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College offers many brilliant opportunities. One of the most advantageous is the possibility to study abroad. Traveling and learning about new ways of life is exciting and has that special appeal to young people. Let’s be honest, that is why studying abroad is so popular among student in the first place – not because that university overseas offers unique curriculum or unrivaled library resources. 

#StudyAbroadBecause...You'll Never Know Until You Go

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Gabby Beckford is a recent STEM graduate who has visited 27 countries in her 23 years. She thrives on once-in-a-lifetime adventure and 80 degree weather. She's won upwards of $40K in study abroad scholarships, and advocates for creative ways to see the world on a budget.

Gabby Beckford: #StudyAbroadBecause... You'll Never Know Until You Go

#StudyAbroadBecause it will expand your world

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Hi, I'm Emily!  I'm currently a junior in college studying Spanish and Education.  In preparing to study abroad in Mexico last spring, I noticed there isn't a ton of information out there from people who have studied abroad in Latin America, so when I got back, I started my blog, Emily Abroad, to share my experience. I post practical tips and tricks, travel diaries highlighting our excursions to different parts of Mexico, and personal reflections on my experience.

Studying Abroad: Re-Entry Challenges and Tips

by Heather Robinette / Sep 10, 2018 /
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Most students who studied abroad over the summer or year have returned home and are starting to adjust back to life at home. While most believe you can easily pick up where you left off, it really isn’t that simple. This phase in the study abroad journey is called re-entry. You will be excited to be home and to see your family and friends, but a part of you will miss the new life you created in a city halfway across the world.

Below are five challenges that are common with re-entry - and some ways to help. 

Heading to the UK? What to Say (or Not to Say)

by Heather Robinette / Aug 13, 2018 /
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This past week, I was watching season 6 of Parks and Rec, where the department visits London. One of the characters ends up being offered a job and stays to work. The reason I bring this up is because when he comes back to visit, he points out that words mean different things whether you are in the US or UK. 

Heading to the UK? What to Say (or Not to Say)

How to Get a Study Abroad Grant

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If you wish to go abroad on a study grant, now is the right time. For one, many educational institutions in Europe and Asia are opening their doors to other nationalities. One thing’s for sure: getting a degree from these colleges or universities offers a great deal of advantages when you are applying for jobs in your country.

An Easy Guide to Understanding VAT: Understanding Taxes in London

by Heather Robinette / Jul 09, 2018 /
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In one of my past blogs called A Quick Guide on Spending Money in London, I discussed the coins, notes, exchange rate, debit/credit cards, and ATMs in London. Now, I want to look at the Value Added Tax (VAT), and what that means for you. Understanding the VAT tax will be very helpful in purchases you make while you are abroad.

What to Wear When Studying Abroad

by Heather Robinette / Jun 11, 2018 /
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Something most people don’t consider when making their packing list is what exactly they are going to pack. If you need help with a packing list, check out one I put together.  While you plan to pack 10 shirts, do you have an idea of what you plan to actually pack? 

What to Wear When Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad in London: 10 Places Not to Miss Like I Did! Part 2

by Heather Robinette / May 14, 2018 /
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Thanks for reading the next article in my series on traveling outside of London during your time abroad. If you didn’t get a chance to start at the beginning, make sure you read my first post here.