Planning a Trip To Japan? Try These Tips

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Think of Japan, and you’re likely to imagine fast trains, sumptuous sushi, amazing technology and society and culture like no other. Welcome to the land of convenience where everything just seems to work, but there is more to experience than these for visitors on a trip to Japan. 

Planning a Trip To Japan? Try These Tips

Easy Japanese Dinner: Tsukune & the Best Salad Dressing, EVER

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 16, 2017 /
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Do you love Japanese food, but feel intimidated by the great attention to detail that Japanese cooks do? Never fear – I am a quick cook who loves easy meals.

What I Learned from a 10 Day Trip to Japan

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The idea of travelling abroad alone has always intrigued me, because I believe I could discover so much about the country and myself with tremendous amount of flexibility. Japan seems like the perfect place for female solo travelers, given its safety, convenience, and culinary satisfactions. Nevertheless, I have to admit that the only knowledge I had of Japan was obtained from a couple of Pokémon episodes I watched during my childhood, if that qualifies as part of Japanese culture.

The Shadow of the Samurai

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After the morning rain, the afternoon sun struggles to push its way out of the thick fog covering the mountains. My sister and I, umbrella in hand, walk side by side, jumping occasionally to dodge the puddles in the road. 

On the Nakasendo Trail, Japan. From The Shadow of the Samurai

Summer in Tokyo

by jiawenp / Aug 20, 2012 /

I remember tripping over myself in my dash through the automatic doors that separated Narita airport and the outside world for that first breath of Japanese air – of the late spring/early summer cool that I had romanticized for the last 6 years. Strangely, it was the first time that, when landing in a foreign country, I didn’t feel like I was out of place, but rather, surreal – like an explorer who finally steps off the shaking waves onto the home he had been dreaming of.

The Real Ramen

by Joshua Beatty / Jan 07, 2010 /

Just about anyone who went to college in the United States after about 1990 has heard of Ramen noodles. Some Americans pronounce this word as “Ray-man” noodles.

Sunrise over Shinjuku

by hartrick / Jan 20, 2009 /




Hands and Hearts

by Johanna Kato / May 04, 2008 /
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“I’m a Princess,” she said, opening her palms and turning her face to the sky. Soft pink petals of cherry blossoms sprinkled down magically around her. I’d never seen Kamioke-san look so light; so full of life. I’d been visiting her off and on as a volunteer for several months, through Hands and Hearts, an organization created to offer companionship to the elderly who suffered loss in some way during the ’95 Kobe earthquake.