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Let The Nature Conservancy Help You Find Great Birds Around the Great Lakes

Millions of birds will fly over the Great Lakes region this spring as they migrate north to their summer breeding grounds, but many populations of bird species are declining and in peril, according to ornithology experts at The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

Black throated blue warbler. From Let The Nature Conservancy Help You Find Great Birds Around the Great Lakes
Black throated blue warbler

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Travel and Spring–a Symbiotic Relationship

by Stacey Ebert /
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Apr 02, 2019 / 0 comments

When I was living in New York, the arrival of spring meant puffy eyes, air conditioning instead of windows down, running away from grass and trees, an itchy palate, pollen everywhere you looked, and the beginning of the countdown to the end of the school year. Since we’ve moved to San Diego, the arrival of spring has a more varied meaning. Sure, there are still some of those allergy symptoms and no longer the countdown till the end of school, but the start of the season seems to have a broader meaning now.

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Stratford Maple Trail Adventure Captures the Essence of Spring

At the heart of what it means to be Canadian there’s surely something maple. Celebrating our first sign of spring and capturing the essence of the season points us to stands of maple trees and the nearby sugar shack producing Canada’s iconic liquid gold. Stratford Tourism invites you to tap into something sweet on the Stratford Maple Trail, offering 18 modern maple tastes. This self-guided tasting tour presents a unique culinary experience celebrating spring the Canadian way from March 1 to April 30. 

Colorful Wildflowers in the Arizona Desert

While travelling through the Arizona desert, I came across something that I never imagined I’d love quite this much: desert flowers. As you walk through the desert you see cacti,
Cactus - from Colorful Wildflowers in the Arizona Desert

dry bushes, and beautiful, yet surprising, spots of color.