Dominican Republic

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Award-Winning Journalist and DR Expert Launches

DR Visitor, a website and blog focusing on eco-adventure, culture, and sustainable travel in the Dominican Republic, launched in February 2017 with award-winning travel journalist and photographer Lebawit Lily Girma at its helm. DR Visitor is the most up-to-date online resource and blog of its kind on the Dominican Republic written in the English language. 

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What You Need to Know Before Visiting the Dominican Republic

Do you love traveling with a knowledgeable friend? One that knows the ins and outs of a place? I do - it's the surest way to have a better, more enjoyable journey. Let me tell you about one of my favorite guidebook authors, Lebawit Lily Girma.

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Discovering The Dominican Republic with Sun & Stilettos Trips

Sun & Stilettos Trips offers custom-crafted, cultural tours to the Caribbean. Yes, the Caribbean! A part of the world offering so much more than beaches and rum. From cacao farms to drum makers, architectural wonders, indigenous groups, and a spectacular reef-to-peaks scenery, this regional melting pot remains under-explored.

Visiting the small fishing village of Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

Las Galeras is a beautiful town on the coast of The Dominican Republic. It has sparkling oceans, sandy beaches, and small restaurants. Every afternoon, you can see local fisherman arrive on the shore with their catch. 

fishermen on the beach (with cell phone!). From Visiting the small fishing village of Las Galeras, Dominican Republic