5 Things to Do in Auckland for Educators

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Located on New Zealand's North Island, Auckland has a population of around 1.5 million. The University of Auckland was established in 1883, and the metro area is rife with arts, culture, history, and gustatorial opportunities. 

Choosing Your Own Travel: Local Travel Writer on the Best of Auckland

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Do you remember reading those choose your own adventure books, when you were growing up? I couldn't get enough of them, and would re-read them until they fell apart, finding new paths to a satisfying (or not) ending. I recently read and was inspired by a new travel guide to Auckland, New Zealand, by a friend and fellow travel writer, Rhonda Albom. Rhonda has written one of the best guidebooks I've ever read - and let me tell you why. This book? It's the SAME concept - but with travel!

Auckland, New Zealand: A Day in the City of Sails

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Today Bob and I stepped ashore in Auckland, a city of 1,400,000 residents, the most populous city in New Zealand, and the country’s largest industrial and commercial center.

Four Great Auckland Cafes

by Craig Martin / Nov 17, 2008 /
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Zealand's biggest city, Auckland, is one of the South Pacific's premier coffee locations thanks to its great diversity of independent cafes and the ability to roast a great bean. This month, our NZ editor offers up his five favourite places to find good espresso in the City of Sails.

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Mezze Bar