Through the Eyes of an Educator: From Forward Movement to Giant Leaps

by Stacey Ebert / Apr 05, 2022 /
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In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy struck, I lived in Long Beach, NY. Living right on the ocean meant the threat of a hurricane could necessitate a water rescue. We were able to safely evacuate and had a safe place to stay. We left for our own safety—and so that no rescuers would need to risk their own life to save us. In the hurricane’s aftermath, we volunteered at the Long Beach Ice Arena, which quickly became the donation/distribution hub for the entire barrier island. Help came from everywhere.

Art, History, Music, and the Great Outdoors: Interesting Things to Do In Michigan

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Michigan is a beautiful state with plenty to offer tourists and residents alike. Whatever you love, you're sure to find it here. Visitors come from all around the United States and the world to play, learn, eat well, and enjoy Michigan's four distinct seasons.

Renowned Education Researchers on “I Love Learning”

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The following is an excerpt from 10 Steps to Develop Great Learners by Professor John Hattie and Educator Kyle Hattie.

10 Steps to Develop Great Learners by Professor John Hattie and Educator Kyle Hattie.

The Best Pro Tools For Digital Nomads And Online Educators

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Many people didn't need work-from-home advice during the pandemic since they've already been doing it way before the start of the global health crisis. While stay at home directives consumed much of 2020 and beyond, the exponential rise of digital nomads, embracing the ethos that location is everything, continued its surge. In the US alone, there was a 112% increase in the number of digital nomads, which include online educators, from 2019 to 2021. Of course, these workers may not always be in the US; such is the prerogative of the digital nomad.

Growing the Rhyme and Encouraging Imagination

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Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

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Often forgotten and underestimated (probably because of the location), Bulgaria is becoming a more and more popular destination for travelers looking to explore somewhere historic, cultural, and new to them. There are so many places to see and moments to experience in Bulgaria! Here are my top three places to visit on your holidays in Bulgaria.

Where to go on holiday in Bulgaria

Music for Reflection, Courage, and Hope

by Kerry Dexter / Mar 21, 2022 /
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Connection and community: as events  shift and change, so do understandings and perspectives about events and circumstances.

Music can offer a thread that pulls through, a life line, even a life boat, in times of change. There are dark times; there are lighter times. Music can be a friend along the way through all these shifts and changes.

That is something people in Ireland have known a good bit about through the long course of the island's history. One aspect that recurs in the song and tune of Ireland is the ability to lift spirits in the midst of hard times.

History Comes Alive in Old San Juan

by Sandy Bornstein / Mar 14, 2022 /
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Where in North America can you celebrate five centuries of history? From now until June 2022, Puerto Rico is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the founding of Old San Juan. Established by the Spaniards in 1521, Old San Juan has the distinction of being “the oldest continuously inhabited post-European contact city under United States territory and the second oldest in the entire Western Hemisphere.”

22.33 Stories: Strength Through Vulnerability with Robin Hauser

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Featuring first-person stories of people finding themselves in the middle of a culture that is foreign to them; each week, 22.33 will deliver interesting tales from people who share how they were able to create mutual understanding through cultural exchange. 

Season 01, Episode 29 - Strength Through Vulnerability with Robin Hauser

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Global Citizenship

by Stacey Ebert / Mar 08, 2022 /
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Today’s world is a chaotic mess of everything. Within the past few years, we’ve dealt with plagues, weather disasters, political unrest, domestic madness, international issues, and all sorts of mayhem. Throughout the past two years of the COVID pandemic, we’ve regularly heard the mantra we’re all in this together. In truth, sadly, we’ve seen much nationalism take precedence over global community compassion.