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Travel Tips: Cancun


A specialty booking engine I recently came across is Sunmaster, which helped me locate great beach holiday packages.

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Visiting Washington, DC: 8 Interesting Spaces in the Capitol Building


In a few days, my family and I will be calling home to one of our favorite places to visit: Washington, D.C.

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Stepping Back in Time at the Pfahlbau Museum, Germany

Have your kids ever asked you what life was like for people the Stone Age? What did they eat? What kind of houses did they have?


Pfahlbau Museum, Germany

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100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go

Remember those history books of yore, when it was all you could do to scan a page without dozing off? But since we’ve grown up and read more, we’ve realized that history is incredible – a treasure trove that dives into EVERY subject we’re interested in (and many we’re not).

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Florida Culture for the Week of July 28 By Josh Garrick


Florida Culture for the Week of July 28 By Josh Garrick

Final Night – TONIGHT – July 28 – Ladies of Eola Heights

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28 Best Bookshops in Dublin

I know you, dear wandering educators. I know you’re always on the lookout for bookshops while you travel (because, well, BOOKS).


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