Let's Talk About Millenials

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Let's talk about millennials, again. I just read yet another slight about them. While the article it was in was quick to point out that there might just be a reason for their attitude, it bashed them anyway.

Let's Talk About Millenials

Celebrate Cheeseweek in Stratford, Ontario April 1-9

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Savour Stratford presents Stratford Says “CheeseWeek” to welcome the Canadian Dairy XPO with delicious cheese features at eleven participating Stratford and area restaurants April 1 through 9 plus a special cheese pairing event, April 8.

Bards Steakhouse. Celebrate Cheeseweek in Stratford, Ontario April 1-9
Bard's Steakhouse

Sabbatical Homes Listings: Germany

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Title: Beautiful, generously proportioned apartment for rent in the popular Bötzowviertel
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date Posted: Oct. 6, 2016
Direct Link: http://www.AcademicHomes.com/view_home/11924
Beautiful, generously proportioned apartment for rent in the popular Bötzowviertel, right in the heart of the famous Prenzlauer Berg. The first floor apartment has two bedrooms with each a double bed and one with a small balcony. 

Besides the two bedro...

Join Wanderful: A Sisterhood of Women Travelers

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Imagine you’re going to Madrid and you’d like someone to join you for a tapas bar crawl or a day at the Prado museum…but you don’t know anyone in Madrid and have never been there before. In fact, the idea of landing in such a big city and being completely on your own is a bit daunting. Still, you have always wanted to go there and aren’t ready to give up the idea. 

Hosting Your Own Chocolate Tasting

by MyKidsEatSquid / Mar 27, 2017 /
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Do you know the right way to eat chocolate?
Real chocolate, not the overly waxy variety that’s common in grocery store aisles and tends to have a saccharine aftertaste.
I didn’t.
Despite years of thinking of myself as a chocolate connoisseur and doing my best to have a daily serving (or two!) of chocolate, I’d never gone to a chocolate tasting, where the intricacies of the flavor and the importance of the purity of the beans were explained in detail.

Florida Culture for the Week of March 26, 2017 By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the Week of March 26, 2017 By Josh Garrick 

All Your Life You Dream of This: Cinderella on Tour

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Kids know. We should have been more prepared, perhaps... with a ball gown? Full-length gloves? Sparkly shoes? But the kids in the audience at Cinderella on Tour, at Miller Auditorium at WMU last night? They were ready. We saw ball gowns of all kinds, though mostly shimmery and glittery, to be honest. We saw more tiaras than I've ever seen in one place before. And, we saw some girls rocking a punk princess look, with converses, cinderella tshirts, and skirts or jeans.

Wonderful World of White

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You know how you find a photographer, and then click through their ENTIRE Instagram, liking each one? Or heading to their website to discover more? When we find such a creative artist that speaks to us, it’s both a lucky occurrence (finding them in the millions of people online) and a life-enhancing moment. From now on, our lives will be enriched by their talent, view, artistry, and sharing of their worldview.

Digital Nomad Tips: How to Make Money on the Road

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Jobs are easy to find these days. You can find a job flipping burgers, waiting tables, cutting lawns, or folding clothes in a mall pretty quickly, if you put a couple days of legwork in. High paid careers, on the other hand…those are hard to come by. They require hard work, college, sacrifice, more college, and more hard work. And networking. Don’t forget about networking. 

Hidden Treasures: The Alleys of the Middle East

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If visiting the Middle East, you might want to visit a famous landmark or two -- the Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Karnak perhaps, or the Western Wall and the Umayyad Mosque. But without a doubt, a trip to the Middle East would be incomplete without a stroll down an alley.