Best. Ambient. Travel. Video. Ever.

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Scenic train ride from Bergen to Oslo (Norway) - The trip between Oslo and Bergen with Bergensbanen is just stunning. At almost 7 1/2 hours, the video shows every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo.

Sabbatical Homes Listings: Belgium

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Title: Studio
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date Posted: Jun. 27, 2017
Direct Link:
Light, newly renovated, furnished, well insulated 3rd floor studio in family house. Two large windows to south. Stripped wood floors. Own bathroom with large walk-in shower. Small kitchen corner with fridge, 3 rings, microwave, storage cupboards and pots/p...

What’s that Medieval Castle doing in the middle of the Hudson River?

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Those that live in the area and travel along Rt 9W, Rt 218, or Rt 9D see it every day. Most wonder, “what the heck is out there?” 

Explore New Brunswick: Fredericton's Changing of the Guard

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If your family includes history buffs, this is the ONE thing you need to make time for when you visit Fredericton, New Brunswick - a town that we just love.

Twice a day in the summer, there is a changing of the guard

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Explore New Brunswick: Fredericton's Changing of the Guard

Driving the Skellig Ring

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 27, 2017 /
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The Ring of Kerry is the most beautiful drive in the world – and also, one that can be crowded, especially with tour buses. Yes, EVERYONE wants to see the Ring of Kerry! But did you know that right off the Ring of Kerry is a 20 mile drive along Ireland’s coast that is JUST as beautiful?

How to Rent a Car in Ireland

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 27, 2017 /
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You've heard the stories - narrow roads, driving on the left, cows and sheep, cliffs of insanity, busted hubcaps, and the ever-present tour buses. Yet driving in Ireland can be done - and can infinitely improve your travel experience, as you can see things that most travelers aren't able to.

5 Tips on Driving in Ireland

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 27, 2017 /
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Ah, the Emerald Isle. It’s a place of visual perfection, of green vistas, rainbows, and landscapes so beautiful that you have to pinch yourself that it is real, and you are HERE. But there’s one caveat – those Irish roads. Well, two caveats – driving on the other side of the road, and those Irish roads.

Canoeing Michigan's Rivers

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Canoeing - it sounds romantic, doesn't it? My aunt and uncle had their first date while canoeing a Michigan river. My parents gave my husband and I a double kayak for our wedding present. I am a nature photographer, and most of my photographs are taken out on the lake, during a quiet paddle. Every other week our daughter and I go out and clean up the lake, picking up people's trash.

It is all about the water, and how you can truly experience nature by being on it.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Artist and the Original Foodie

by MyKidsEatSquid / Jun 26, 2017 /
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Ironic, really – it took traveling to Toronto to discover an American original.

Music Runs Deep in Ireland and Scotland

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Music runs deep in Ireland and Scotland, in the landscape, the history, the legends, the stories, and the lives of the people. Though each is a small country, geographically, they both have sent, and continue to send, mighty amounts of music out into the world. Here are three recordings which offer very different gateways into Ireland and Scotland.

Music Runs Deep in Ireland and Scotland