Malaga fulfills bucket list for sun, culture, and adventure

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Last spring, I discovered the beautiful port city of Málaga. On previous solo and group trips, I had visited Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. But this city is unlike any other in Spain. And it’s not just because it’s the birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso.

Anchored on the “Costa del Sol” in the southern Andalucía region, Málaga is a beacon for all those yearning for the “beach-bum” lifestyle but also want history, culture, haute cuisine, and safe evening outings. 

Top Tips for Getting Through Long-Haul Flights

by Heather Robinette / Oct 10, 2016 /
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I recently wrote about getting to London, but something I didn’t include was the flight itself. Before you can start your study abroad adventure, you have to get there first. Spending 7+ hours on a plane isn’t something many people do often, so being prepared can help you get a great start before even landing! I included things I learned from my flying experience and things I would have done differently.

Getting Acquainted With the British Virgin Islands

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With a grand collection of tropical paradises, the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands can sometimes be overlooked. Over 60 islands make up this cluster of British territory that lies east of Puerto Rico. The intimate proximity of these islands make travelling via a bareboat charter the best way to get the most out of your vacation. But with so many islands to choose from, which ones should you visit first? 

London’s Most Happening Neighbourhoods

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London is a dynamic capital that sways with the times and can change its scenes quicker than the National Theatre. With the old being pushed out to make room for the new, pockets of hip culture are popping up throughout the city. While seeing staple attractions such as the Somerset House and British Museum are musts, you can’t pass up the opportunity to book a vacation apartment and witness the cultural growth of one of London’s upstart neighbourhoods. 

Discover the Philippines: 8 Facts about Coron's Most Popular Spots

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Palawan is comprised of several islands, and one of these with a big name is Coron. This small and peaceful island in the Philippines is famous for its pristine beaches and Japanese shipwrecks. The place features natural beauty in its calm waters and breathtaking panoramas, and has a fascinating history, as well.

Study Abroad Guide to Accommodations in London

by Heather Robinette / Sep 12, 2016 /
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There are many different types of living situations in London for study abroad students. I studied abroad with a program provider called Academic Programs International (API), and they made our room arrangements for us. University-run programs also arrange the housing for their students. If you decide to study abroad on your own, you’ll need to make sure you are on top of applying for housing.

The Best 9 Exotic Fruits to Try at a Thai Market

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If you have ever been to Thailand, you have probably seen, heard, or eaten a variety of wacky things. Hopefully fruit was one of them. If you haven't tried any Thai fruits, you are simply missing out. Thailand has some of the best tropical fruits in the world…seriously, this is not debatable. They are cheap, delicioious, and fun to eat. 

The Most Interesting Things to do in Lofoten, Norway

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At 68° North, the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway is located just 2 degrees north of the Arctic Circle. And while it may seem like an extremely cold location, because of the Gulf Stream, Lofoten features less harsh winters than you expect. 

10 Disney World Tips for One Day Park Hoppers

by Nathanael Nims / Jul 28, 2016 /
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Disney World is fun, exciting, exhausting, and expensive entertainment. It is even more exhausting for the One Day Park Hopper. Whether your visit to Disney World is just a stop along the way or a big planned vacation, follow these Disney World tips to help create memories you’ll want to remember.

10 Disney World Tips for One Day Park Hoppers

4 Ways to Prepare for Happy Travels

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Travel can be glorious, life-changing, intruiging, fun, insightful, but also oh so stressful. For not only are you dealing with a different environment, but also transportation, finding food in a new place when you're hungry (a stressful time for me, at least!), and possibly a different language.