Pomaire: Clay, Horses, and Pottery

by Stephane Alexandre / Feb 18, 2017 /
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Pomaire is a small town west of Santiago that specializes in clay and pottery. It is one of the smallest towns we visited in Santiago, but it is packed with great sights to see and things to do! We arrived early in Pomaire after about an hour drive outside of the city. I looked around at the deep burgundy red dirt and immediately understood why the town was famous for its impressive clay and pottery. I grew up in a countryside town, so I felt right at home.

Will Travel For Food: Broccoli, Tarantulas, and Paella

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Food is wonderful. It tastes great, there are an almost infinite number of options, and it keeps you alive.

Will Travel For Food: Broccoli, Tarantulas, and Paella

Quit Your Job & Travel The World

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Are you interested in quitting your job and traveling the world, but aren't quite sure where to start? I've got the book for you! The aptly named Quit Your Job & Travel The World, by Anjali Sareen, covers all the topics you'll need - and more.

Things to consider when traveling with a young child

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Children bring many changes to your life. You have much less time for yourself, but you have the joy of teaching and learning from a young life. You may get less sleep, but you get to tuck in a tiny, growing person every night. You may not get to play Frisbee golf with your buddies, but you get to coach your child in Little League.

2017 is the year of B&B getaways

Want to be a gazillionaire? Go on vacation, says Catharine Hamm, Travel Editor at the LA Times. In her article entitled Will 2017 will be the year of magical travel?, Hamm points out that the ideas for Instagram and Dropbox both came to the founders when they were on vacation.

A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography

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Do you love to take photos when you travel? Do you wonder about how to take great photos - both in terms of technique and how to tell a story? It's hard to find advice from an expert (unlike travel guides, right?) that combine photography and storytelling. Enter David Noyes, and his excellent new book, The Photographing Tourist: A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography. 

6 Tips to Make your Visit to the USA Better

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You’ve got a travel bug to see the USA – welcome! There is plenty to think about when visiting the US – visas, money, accommodations, weather, culture, and more.

Here are 6 of our best tips to make your visit better. 

6 Tips to Make your Visit to the USA Better

Five Tips for Visiting Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu had been on my Travel Bucket List for a few months. When I finally got the news that I would be studying abroad in Chile (a country that shares a border with Peru), I immediately asked to work extra shifts to pay for the trip there! (I am glad I did because it was not cheap.) The first week of orientation, while we had some time to discuss and plan future trips, everyone in our group unanimously wanted to go to MP. The following weeks were pages in a photo album.

Malaga fulfills bucket list for sun, culture, and adventure

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Last spring, I discovered the beautiful port city of Málaga. On previous solo and group trips, I had visited Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. But this city is unlike any other in Spain. And it’s not just because it’s the birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso.

Anchored on the “Costa del Sol” in the southern Andalucía region, Málaga is a beacon for all those yearning for the “beach-bum” lifestyle but also want history, culture, haute cuisine, and safe evening outings. 

Top Tips for Getting Through Long-Haul Flights

by Heather Robinette / Oct 10, 2016 /
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I recently wrote about getting to London, but something I didn’t include was the flight itself. Before you can start your study abroad adventure, you have to get there first. Spending 7+ hours on a plane isn’t something many people do often, so being prepared can help you get a great start before even landing! I included things I learned from my flying experience and things I would have done differently.